6 Best Features Of New Smart Dashcams

A number of drivers use dashcams, and they have learned using it very well since the tech arrived. Before you buy a new smart dashcam, it is essential to know and learn its features. Your final decision will be made by considering its features and monthly fees.

6 Best Features Of New Smart Dashcams

Before you dive in, you need to know what a basic one does. Dashcams record the view out of your dashboard from inside the car cabin. Some dash cams also record the view of behind of your car. Several dashcams can wake from sleep and record if your vehicle is struck by someone when parked. These cameras record their footage in an SD card, and they overwrite the oldest footage when the storage gets full, but many have a feature to change the default settings.

Below Are Smart Dashcams Basic Features

  • 4G LTE Connection

The new smart dashcams commonly have built-in 4G LTE network along with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Smart dashcams support 4G LTE, which makes them work independently without requiring any external connection such as Wi-Fi hotspot or phone. There is no 5G supportable dashcam in the market.

  • Remote Access

Due to having preinstalled 4G connection, these cameras can alert you when they experience any suspicious activity. You can also access the real-time view of your dashcam in your smartphone. It works remotely, just like a smart doorbell.

  • Collision Detection And Alerts

Many smart dash cams have sensors to sense a significant collision or accident. When they detect a big collision, they immediately call 911 for an ambulance. If you don’t move your phone for some time, then it will automatically call your emergency contacts.

  • Smart Clip Isolations

The biggest drawback of a standard dashcam is that you have to scroll across the whole recording of hours and days to find a crucial moment. In smart dashcams, you can easily find an important moment with its smart technology, and you can instantly transfer it to other devices.

  • Drive Assistance Warnings

Its intelligence can track and analyze your forward view, and they can alert you when you are getting too close to a vehicle in front of you. Even when you overtaking someone in the wrong way, you will be warned by its smart intelligence.

  • Voice Assistant

Now the new smart dashcams have sort of Alexa and other smart voice technology which helps you to control it with just a voice command. In the future, when smart dashcams will be fully Alexa integrated, they will be able to control the in-car media as well as navigation.

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