6 Best free Windows Mail programs to use in 2019

To share mails from the system, users require mail programs. In this blog, you’ll get to know about some of the best completely free of cost mail programs for Windows. Each is different in their own way. For instance, some may focus more on security whereas there are also programs that have a feature of sending notifications. Go through this carefully to know about some amazing Windows mail programs.

Best Free Windows Mail Programs to Use

Top Free Windows Mail Programs

1.    eM Client

It is user-friendly as it is simple to work on it. It can easily receive mails from other programs without creating any complications. And you even get a wide variety of themes from which you can select.

  • It also has an option for translating the text.

2.    Mozilla Thunderbird

It comprises a lot of options for changes that can be done from its settings. It can easily make you connect to plenty of mail accounts together.

  • It allows the import of chats with Google and Twitter as well.

3.    Mailbird

Mailbird can combine with different services over the net. And its themes can even be changed according to your color preference.

  • Sometimes, the voice of some mail notifications are a bit annoying and can’t be changed. Here, it can be changed too.

4.    Mail

It comprises an inbuilt calendar and much more latest features. This mail program can avail you to use more than one account.

  • Sadly, the mail templates cannot be made on it.

5.    IncrediMail

Creating an account on this mail program is quite simple. And using it is also very safe because it can be protected with the help of a setting up a password on it.

  • However, to access some of its amazing features payment needs to be done.
  • For instance, backup can’t be done free of cost.
  •  It gets distinguished than the rest because of its good animations and designs collection.

6.    Mailspring

No kind of complication will be faced while setting it up. Settings can be changed without making you deal with any problems.

  • It has some limitation on the number of accounts that can be added.
  • The only major drawback is that it does not include all the remarkable features that have been part of its pro version.
  • However, it does allow you to use a few of the Pro features completely free of cost.

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