6 Best Hiking Apps For iOS And Android

Want to go Hiking? Well, it’s best if you plan your hiking excursion in advance. You have to know where you will discover breathtaking scenic views and natural beauty. Hiking experience comes best with friends. Here’s the collection of best apps for your hiking excursion.

1. Peak Visor

Peak Visor is a magical app for hikers because of its feature of recognizing any mountain by clicking its photo. Hikers use it to explore mountain names with this incredible feature. It measures the mountain’s elevation with its 3D compass and altimeter, which is another great feature of this app.

2. Map My Hike: GPS Hiking

The Map My Hike app takes feedback and improves the user’s performance. It is an excellent community-based hiking and fitness app that record user’s hikes. The app helps find new workouts for you and track your calorie intake also. MapMy Hike is a complete combination of fitness and hiking for its users. Whether a user is a beginner or at an advanced level, the app helps in finding useful tools by which one can stay on track and motivated.

3. Spyglass

Spyglass is one of the most important apps for hikers. It features offline GPS  for outdoors and off-road navigation. It offers features such as binoculars, gyrocompass, hi-tech compass with offline maps, etc. Its complete in-built GPS toolkit allows the user to track and find the things they want. The app has a stunning reality view in it. The app contains features like an astronomical object detector, a sextant and more.

4. ViewRanger

ViewRanger is another excellent app for hikers. The app has features of good GPS navigation which navigate mountain routes for hikers, mountain bikers as well as record their time,  speed, distance, etc. The navigation system of this app works offline if there is no network in the mountains. ViewRanger app has proved to be one of the best companions for hikers and mountain adventurers. A user can go anywhere with the app even if there is no internet access.

5. Weather Live

Weather Live is one of the best apps for weather information for its users. It features weather views from a particular area on the phone screen. It contains standard meteorological data that includes direction, wind and, speed, visibility, and pressure coordinated with satellite cloud as well as rain maps with weather radar. Users can check if there’s a storm coming or not.

6.PeakFinder AR

For mountaineers out there, PeakFinder app helps them to discover mountain names by clicking the mountain’s photo with 360-degree panorama display. A user can find out about any mountain with fine visibility through this app, and this feature is worldwide. The app works offline with no data required so one can find a route to their destination and home without inconvenience.

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SOURCE: 6 Best Hiking Apps For iOS And Android

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