6 Best iPhone Apps that Support Dark Mode

Most of the Apps these days are providing dark mode support. They include favorite apps such as Twitter and Facebook Messenger, as well. The dark mode is perfect for the ones who don’t prefer the white background display while using the phone at night time. You can save your phone’s battery also by using the dark mode on your iPhone. If you love using dark modes, the best dark mode apps to use in your iPhone are given below for you.

Choose these dark mode apps for your iPhone:

  1. Facebook Messenger

The redesigned version of the Facebook Messenger soothing for the eyes. It allows you to use the dark mode ideally. Once you launch the app, go to your profile icon and toggle on the Dark mode switch for using. You will be able to see light text along with a dark background in the app. Facebook Messenger provides you a true black theme, not like Twitter, by turning off the black pixels in your iPhone. You can ideally reduce glare as well as save battery while using Twitter on your iPhone and make it look cool.

  1. Twitter

If we talk about major social media platforms, Twitter is one of them. It is also one of the first social media networks that implemented dark mode. You can turn it on by going to the profile icon available the top section and then choosing the Bulb icon. There is an option to turn on dark mode automatically in the app as well. It also turns off in the morning without any effort. This app doesn’t offer a true black theme, but it is ideal for using while it is night. The blue and black combination in this app is no less than a visual treat for eyes.

  1. Firefox

Firefox is an ideal browser to keep in your iPhone for surfing internet.  It is a fast browser that is focused primarily on privacy and comes with a dark mode option. You need to allow the dark mode from the menu to use the same. After you enable dark mode, all the websites and user interface will have a dark background along with the light text. Use the Firefox browser in your iPhone for the late night browsing session rather than Safari. It is available on the app store for free.

  1. Pocket

For reading various articles offline from major publishers and authors in your iPhone, the Pocket is a perfect app. It allows you to save articles easily for reading later on. The dark theme offered in this app lets you read all the saved articles with ease and peace. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your eyes if you stay up late at night reading. Get this reading app for free on your iPhone and read anywhere you want. For advanced options in the app, you can upgrade to the premium version.

  1. Google Maps

It is easy to travel around with the use of Google Maps. You might know that this app automatically enables the dark mode option while using at night. Though, you make it default as well. You need to visit the Settings section and then go to Color Scheme option and select Night after you start navigation. Download the Google Maps app in your iPhone for traveling with ease if you don’t have it in your device. It lets you explore local events in the best way possible and gives real-time updates.

  1. Wikipedia

It is easy to get a ton of valuable information through Wikipedia. If you use Wikipedia often, you can choose to get the app in your phone or enable the dark mode in it just in case you already have it. You will not have to open your browser to go to the Wikipedia page from time to time once you get this app. Its Explore feed offers you various random topics that you can read in your leisure time. The night mode support adds more value to it. Either true black mode or dark gray mode can be chosen while using this app.

Hence, stay up at light without worrying about your health and read ideally with these apps!

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