6 Boho Outfits You Must Have in Your Closet

Boho is one of the styles that many people love. Not only because it is considered an all-time aesthetic, but that style also can be applied for various occasions which brings a casual yet glamorous look.

Boho or bohemian is a style to get dressed that is inspired by the lifestyle of hippies in the 1960s and 1970s. Boho, which is considered an artistic and unique style, combines patterns, colors, and textures.

Since it comes with the idea of mixing and matching, you can freely personalize your boho style. However, there are some must-have outfits in your closet to nail this ‘free-spirited’ look.


Boho Outfits Women Must Have

1. Colorful Printed Items

Nothing can replace the colorful, bold, and eye-catching printed items in representing a free-spirited style. Vibrant color is one of the characteristics of a boho look. It makes you look so bright and lively.

You can consider buying maxi dresses or midi skirts with vibrant colors or animal prints on them. But, if you don’t like them too much ‘brightness’, you can choose to have colorful printed tees.

2. Maxi Dresses

This kind of dress is a must-have when it comes to boho dresses. Choose the ones with geometric or nature-inspired prints or patterns. It can be a plus point to boost your boho look – simple but not too basic.

You don’t need to worry if the dress you like comes with linen material or lace detailing. It will make you look gorgeous. Pair your maxi dress with a chunky necklace and sandals. This will be perfect for your summer outfit.

3. Skirts

The best skirts you can choose for your boho look are the simple ones with minimal patterns – for both midi or maxi skirts. They will be easily paired with other outfits you have.

For a more chic look, choose skirts with layered ruffles. It goes well with your fitted tees, crop tops, or even with a jeans jacket. No matter what color or pattern you choose, what matters is that the layers can turn everyone’s head. 

4. Effortless Tops

What comes to your mind when you should pick tops for boho style? Various clothing designers do breezy, strappy, and simple tops, including tank tops and cami tanks.

All of those tops can be worn effortlessly, but it doesn’t fail to make you look gorgeous and fresh. You can match the tops you prefer with denim shorts to give a summer boho look.

5. Knit Cardigans

This outfit can be worn on formal and casual occasions. For a boho look, oversized and slouchy knit cardigans are the ones you should have in your closet. You can also choose fringed and lacy-knit cardigans.

You can mix and match cardigans with your maxi dresses, tank tops, and jeans. To get a stronger impression of bohemian style, you can buy colorful cardigans with geometric patterns.

6. Flared Jeans

You can’t say that you love boho style until you have flared jeans. Since jeans can be easily matched with almost any top, you may consider buying a high-quality one.

Find high-waisted flared jeans. They are comfortable. Having them in your closet will make it easier for you to get various outfit options. 
You can personalize your boho look by combining various outfits, especially those 6 boho outfits. Visit noracora to find the latest collection, including for the plus-size.


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