6 Commercial Interior Design Trends That Will Inspire Your Next Project


Whether its new construction or renovation of an existing structure, it can be challenging, especially when making design decisions. With so many colours and materials to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones will look good together and stand the test of time. Fortunately, plenty of interior design trends have been emerging in recent years that will make your decision-making process much simpler and easier. Here are six commercial interior design Sydney trends that will revolutionise the commercial spaces in 2023 and some suggestions to embrace them for your upcoming commercial project.

-Digital Design

Digital interior design is shaped by a heritage of minimalism, geometric form, clear spaces, clean lines, function and storage. You can convert any interior design into digital design. Whether you want it to be rustic or minimalist, you can turn almost everything you need into a modern, digital design. All you need to do is discuss the idea with your commercial interior designers to integrate digital design into your chosen design style.

-Wellness Features in the Workplace

The wellness features available in the workplace are more important than ever. From on-site yoga classes to healthy lunches and breakfasts, employers are going above and beyond to help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle. The latest trend of installing juice bars or coffee shops is a refreshing new way for employees to stay energised throughout the day, rather than grabbing unhealthy snacks.

-The Use of Natural Materials

Natural materials are an increasingly popular choice for designers in the modern world, with many people now looking for a more organic look for their homes and offices. Featuring natural materials can be a great way to add warmth and character to any space. For example, the use of natural materials in the office has been on the rise. Some companies also choose this design style because it makes employees feel less anxious. In addition, incorporating wood surfaces, stone or marble countertops, and hardwood flooring also provides a sense of calmness in the workplace.

-Incorporating Technology into Design

Technology is increasingly important in every industry, including architecture and interior design. Designers from the top commercial interior design firms in Sydney are incorporating technology into their designs to improve the experience of both employees and visitors.

One way this can be done is through different types of screens which can serve as a digital space for advertising, giving instructions or providing updates on events happening within the building. Other ways include using interactive technologies like kiosks, virtual reality or augmented reality devices and smart furniture where wearers’ movements trigger various responses from lighting fixtures to air-conditioning.

-Creating Versatile Spaces

One trend that is becoming more popular in the world of commercial spaces is versatile spaces. These rooms can be used for many purposes, from an office to a conference or break room. This space saves you money and helps you make the most of your square footage by providing multiple uses for one area.

The first step in creating versatile spaces is figuring out what you want them to do. After you figure out what the space’s purpose should be, decide on a floor plan that will suit it best. But eventually, you’ll come up with something great!

-Incorporating Sustainable Design Practices

Sustainable design practices are becoming more prevalent in the commercial industry. More and more developers are incorporating sustainable practices into their projects. This is due to the growing trend of environmentally-conscious consumers and increasing legislation. There are many ways sustainable practices can be incorporated into any new development, like going solar, utilising natural light sources, and utilising eco-friendly products.

-The Rise of Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a relatively new concept but one that is quickly gaining traction. The idea behind this type of design is to evoke a connection to nature, which can help people feel more at peace and relaxed in their environment. Biophilic design incorporates natural materials such as wood or stone, mimicking shapes found in nature and using natural light sources. For more information on incorporating biophilic design into your commercial space, seek the assistance of commercial interior designers in Sydney.

Post-COVID pandemic, commercial places have changed a lot. While most commercial spaces are modern, bringing a homey feeling into the working space trend is rising. So, embracing these trends and creating spaces that create the best impression on your workforce and potential customers is important.

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