6 Creative Ways to Use Ground Coffee Beans

Do you have some leftover ground coffee beans from your morning coffee? Don’t just throw them away.Used coffee grounds still have a variety of uses.

How to make the most of your used coffee grounds

  • Fertilise your garden

Sprinkle your used coffee grounds on the soil in your garden. Coffee contains numerous essential minerals that support plant growth, such as nitrogen, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Used grounds are the best alternative to store-bought fertilisers. It keeps your garden healthy, attracts worms, and absorbs contaminants in the soil.

Plus, if you have ample supply of coffee grounds, you can compost them for later use and minimise waste.

  • Repel insects

You may love the smell and taste of coffee, but the same is not true for insects. Coffee grounds contain substances that are highly toxic to pests, such as caffeine and diterpenes. These by-products of the brewing process can repel mosquitos, fruit flies, and beetles. Just set a bowl of grounds outside your home or sprinkle them around your plants.

  • Get rid of unpleasant odours

Did you forget to throw out some spoiled food from your fridge? Don’t worry—you can get rid of the foul odour with your old coffee grounds. Coffee contains nitrogen, an essential element that removes unpleasant smells from the air when combined with carbon.

  • Clean your kitchen

Coffee grounds are very abrasive. They make for great natural cleaning scrubs, removing dirt and build-up from your kitchen sink, cookware, and grill. They are antibacterial and antiviral, so you aren’t risking your health.

  • Exfoliate your skin

Besides cleaning your pots and pans, coffee grounds are also great for removing dirt on your skin. They are natural, so you shouldn’t worry about chemical exposure and poisoning. You can safely mix your grounds with water or coconut oil and scrub them across your body and face.

  • Tenderise meat

Thinking of cooking steak for dinner? You can impress your family by tenderising the meat with a secret ingredient: coffee grounds. The natural acids and enzymes in the coffee grounds break down the protein in your meat, softening its texture, enhancing its flavour, and giving it a dark and crispy crust.

Are you looking for top-quality ground coffee beans to make your mornings more special? Purchase a wide variety of grounds from a reliable store online! You can find beans in all your favourite flavours, from chocolate to caramel, and make sure they don’t go to waste with the tips listed above.

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