6 Factors to Consider in Your Control Room Design

Designing a control room is more than just finding a way to fit all your equipment and desks into the room. You need to consider a variety of things. Control rooms are an integral part of a company, so your ability to organize that space also impacts efficiency levels at work. If you want to make sure you provide the best possible design for mission-critical spaces like this, here are six factors that you need to keep in mind.

Covid Concerns

This is a concern for organizations. With employees coming to work, even those working under a hybrid setup where employees report from work half the week and the rest from the office, there’s an urgent need to make sure workplaces are safe. If you’re thinking about how to apply that at home, then you’ll want to customize the workstations with plug and play units. Employees can bring along their own keyboards and mouse to cut down on as many touch point as possible. A more frequent cleaning schedule would help to keep the office sanitized as well.

Centralized Control

Find out how to centralize control of multiple workstations all at the same time. For instance, you should have the ability to interact with all the screens and dashboards using a single keyboard and computer. That makes fast responses possible. With a centralized control or unit, there’s less clutter. Think about this when you start shopping for GSA console furniture. Consider which pieces fit the bill and your plans.

Ergonomic Workspace

Make sure you shop for furniture that’s ergonomic. Look for chairs and desks designed to reduce back pain and accommodate employees of different heights. You should also consider furniture that can help your team focus on their tasks. That means furniture or desks and chairs that are so comfortable that your staff has little to no trouble getting lost in their work. If their chairs are uncomfortable, though, that gets in the way and they’ll have a hard time maintaining engagement levels at work.

Room Comfort

Be sure to pay attention to the overall design of the room as well. Is the lighting bright or dull and dim? That’s a consideration, too. While bright lights might be too much, find just the right illumination that works for them. A well-lighted office space is conducive to work.

Reduce Foot Traffic

Having people walking behind you all the time is distracting. Design the control room in a way that reduces foot traffic, so your team can focus on their tasks. Having too much foot traffic is disruptive. With people coming and going, it’s hard to concentrate. That will affect the concentration and quality of your team’s work.

Look for Quality Options

When you shop around for furniture, make sure you get them from a reputable source. Is the quality excellent? Will the furniture endure years of use? Or does the material wear out much too easily? Get value for your money by choosing a trusted manufacturer of furniture designed for control rooms.

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