6 Gaming Accessories For Pubg Mobile That Every Gamer Should Own

Players Unknown Battle Grounds better known as PUBG is a former PC only, now a multi-platform third-person battle royale video game. It was first released in early access and beta testing only for the PC back in 2016. However, it’s popularity amongst the players soon saw it hit mobile devices in the first quarter of 2018 and then consoles shortly after.

It’s the mobile version that we’re interested in. If your someone interested in Tech news and has kept yourself updated with the latest digital trends over the last year, you’ll know that the game is the highest-rated online multiplayer video game on the Google Play Store. PUBG mobile is developed and maintained by Tencent mobile who is also responsible for the online content and updates that keep the players glued on to the app, even after 2 years since it’s release and in the presence of tough competition from the likes of call of duty mobile live.

However, if you’re one who has played on a mobile device before, you’ll know it’s not exactly comfortable over long hours of gameplay. The screen heats up, the battery drains out and the fingers get all sweaty when you’re about to take the perfect headshot. Thankfully, the market demanded some solutions to these common issues, and the manufacturers provided

Here are some accessories for PUBG mobile.

  • Gamepad

Let’s face it. On-screen controls are fine, but they don’t match up to the finesse and precision of an actual gamepad. So investing in a gamepad of your choice and budget is a good first investment to make if you’re looking to boost your gaming performance and sniping in those kills before your opponents can know want hit them

  • Earphones

Up next on the list of important gaming hardware are a good pair of earphones. Whether you wish to stick along with good old wired earphones or embrace the future with wireless ones depends on your choice of the latter. You’d want to ensure there’s no lag and delay in your audio.

  • Cooling pad

An overheating device is never a good option to tinker with. PUBG is a strenuous and resource-heavy game, making maximum use of your processor, RAM, and the antenna bands or the wifi modem depending on your network of choice. If the phone heats up too much, it can get uncomfortable. A cooling pad is a way to go.

  • Power banks

Resource heavy gaming eats up the battery. If you’re one who lives gaming all the time and on the go, you’ll need to employ the use of a power bank to give your device all the juice it needs.

  • Triggers

Small triggers can be used instead of a full-sized gamepad to support the gameplay. These triggers can be easily set up and are cheaper than gamepads to invest in.

  • Multi connection cables

If your phone doesn’t feature a headphone jack and you’re in the need for one, then charging and listening at the same time can be a problem. A multi-connection cable is a sensible investment to improve your pubg mobile live.

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