6 important things to remember while writing a poetry

Poetry is an amazing art of writing that not everyone can understand. It is a great emotional outlet and creative way of expressing one’s perspectives. Among many, there are only a few writers who can actually write poetry others just keep writing blindly without considering what it actually takes to write it and label it as “poetry.” Why? Because they have been misguided and they don’t know about the particular ingredients of writing it.

Are you that writer too who loves to write poetry but missing few ingredients of it?

This article is written just for you then. Dive in and learn all those elements that are missing from your poetry.

After all, what is the correct way and standard template of writing poetry?

That’s the thing about poetry if something is working for one poem, it does not mean at all that it will work for another one. It gives a tough time to professional essay writers too to figure out what is the most appropriate way of writing poetry. Remember! There are numerous types of poetry; there is so much that you can do with the content, language and look of poetry than any other writing.

  • What are you trying to say?

While writing a poem, always remember that you need to clear your “point of view” in a way that the reader gets it easily what you are trying to say.

Remember! The message of your poem is the most essential part.

There are no specifications; it can be as simple as your love for puddings, or something more complex like bonding and relationships, etc.  

To sum up everything . . . . . Whatever your message is, it needs to be clear without patronizing the reader or uttering the obvious.
You can add visual language in writing your poem to describe the readers whatever is happening instead of making it obvious blindingly.

  1. Maintain a Structure

    Remember you need to think that carefully . . . . . . .

How do you want your poem to look like when it’s on the page?

Is it going to be a concrete poem?

Will the shape or length of the stanza in poem improve it?

Is it going to be visual like a piece of art?

If you are not sure how you are going to lay out your poem, you need to make experiments in different forms. Structure is very crucial for writing. If you asking other writers to help me write my essay then do it yourself. For any type of writing, you just need a perfect structure. For instance, if you write a poem that follows a strict structure, it sure will look tidy and neat, but if you are writing it about the things that are falling apart, you might not be choosing the best layout.

There are some poets who prefer to write in particular structures but many prefer not to write this way.

You can write your poem in the form and style that you think is best.

And yes . . . . . in doing that, you may need to write a number of drafts to find which one is the best fit for your poem but trust me it’s worth it.

  • The perspective of your poem

Your readers need to be aware that whose perspective you are writing from. You need to make it clear that you are either writing as a first, second or a third person.

Remember! The perspective you are writing from has the power to change its impact and meaning on the reader dramatically.

Remember! Unlike poetry demands too much time in setting the idea behind a particular topic.

  • Your tone matters

Oh yes, it does . . . . .

You can write something in a funny way, old-fashioned way, serious way, sarcastic way, colloquial way . . . . . . . . In short, in any way that you like.

The most significant thing is the tone that you have chosen as a fit for your poem and the message that you want to convey.

Remember!  Never ever write anything in a funny way if you are trying to be serious. Similarly, if you are trying to be funny do not add seriousness in your tone.

  • Grammar, grammar and grammar

Grammar is the most significant part of your poem. There is not even a little space that you can make mistakes in it while you’re writing poetry.

Double check what you’re writing and look for all the grammatical and punctuation errors and correct them.

  • Rhythm

Sometimes it does happen that your poem suits or naturally fits into a specific rhythm.  

But . . . .  .
Keep that in mind that rhymes are not necessary for writing great poems. It is not a “rule,” and free verse gives you more chances to do whatever you want and like with your poem.

For some people it is terrifying, but some find it exhilarating too.

In short . . . . . . You know nothing unless you try.


Poetry is the golden opportunity to polish your creativity and writing skills. You can get the ultimate freedom in expressing your thoughts, imaginations, and perspectives through different angles, and yet most of the writers are afraid of writing it.    

Just use the ingredients that are mentioned above in the article and blow everyone’s mind away with your breathtaking poetry.

Why not give it a shot today?

Its all up to you now . . . . Feel free to mention in the comment section which ingredient is most important according to you and are there any more rules that can be applied in poetry?

Let us know . . . Your feedback means treasure to us.  

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