6 Innovative Ways to Build a Green Home


How do you go about designing the perfect sustainable house? There are many different approaches, and you can customise it to your needs and the look that you’re going for in your home. From using recycled and reclaimed materials to building eco-friendly homes, there are plenty of ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your new home. Consider these six innovative ideas from the builders Warragul when designing your new sustainable house!

Use Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Recycled and reclaimed materials are an excellent way of building sustainable houses. They’re environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Plus, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Whether you’re looking for something old or new, there’s sure to be something that meets your needs.

Install a Green Roof

Installing a green roof is an innovative way to make your home more sustainable. The benefits of installing one include creating shade, reducing rainwater runoff, and making the house more energy efficient. There are also many different types of plants you can choose from depending on the climate where you live.

Collect Rainwater

Collect rainwater from your roof and store it in barrels, tanks, or underground cisterns. This water is naturally filtered and pure, so you can use it for gardening and other purposes without worry. You may also be able to connect your house to the city’s water system if necessary.

Implement Passive Heating and Cooling

Passive heating and cooling is a way of designing your home so that it uses the natural resources around you to provide heating in winter and cooling in summer. This means that you don’t need to install expensive mechanical systems for either one, which makes for a more affordable house.

– Orient the house so that it catches the morning sun.

– Install reflective surfaces such as white paint or aluminium foil on east-facing windows in order to reflect heat back inside.

– Consider installing skylights or roof monitors to bring in light during the day and let out excess heat at night.

– Plant deciduous trees nearby that will shade your house during the summer months while letting light through when they lose their leaves in fall.

Use Eco Paint

One way that homeowners can make their homes more eco-friendly is by using eco paint. Eco paint is made from recycled materials and has no volatile organic compounds, giving it the distinction of being one of the most eco-friendly paints on the market. Eco paint also offers extreme durability and comes in many different colours, including light colours for those who are looking for energy efficiency. house builders Warragul can help you choose the right colours for your house.

Install Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

Installing energy efficient doors and windows is one of the best ways you can make your home more sustainable. Not only will this save you money on your energy bills, it will help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and transport of these products.

Consider these innovative ways from builders in Warragul Victoria to design a sustainable house will help you create the home of your dreams with an eco-friendly twist.

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