6 marketing ideas for your franchise:

A good brand and image are keys to the success of a franchise. Learn to empower them with these marketing ideas.

Currently, there is so much competition in the franchise market that it is no longer enough to offer a good quality product or service. It becomes very necessary to approach the franchise marketing agency.

It is for this reason that specialists devote great efforts to marketing strategies, as they have warned this tool as an essential element for franchise marketing best practices.

Following are the best marketing ideas for your franchise:

  1. Coordination of advertising and promotion campaigns: 

A traditional feature of franchises is the coordination of advertising and promotional actions whose geographic scope exceeds the exclusive limits of a business unit.

These campaigns are carried out with the marketing funds that franchisors generally charge.

  1. Design or image standards: 

Franchisors can impose the design or appearance to ensure that customers receive the same quality of products and services in each establishment.

  1. Corporate image manual: 

The corporate image must be clear and designed to avoid a dispersion of impacts. The design of all the elements that compose it must be thought from a central perspective to avoid isolated actions and, above all, lack of coordination that confuse the viewer.

In franchises, the image acquires much more importance since it is one of the strengths of the system. Together with the transfer of technology, the brand, and the product, the global corporate image is what gives the whole its differentiating personality compared to other commercial distribution businesses.

The image as a whole is collected in the identity manual that systematizes it for later use.

This manual collects measurements, colors, sizes and all those supports that may contain or carry the image of the business: points of sale, products in printed material, packaging, etc.

  1. Strengthens the brand concept among franchisees: 

Therefore, it is essential that the franchisor make advisory visits and constantly train his franchisees. You should take them by the hand and make it clear that if there are guidelines for the operation of the franchise, they are not to harm those who participate in the business but to combine efforts and achieve benefits in general.

  1. Homogeneity: 

It is not only about creating a defined brand image, but about taking it to the maximum expression, involving each of the franchise sectors in the process, both the external image and the management.

  1. The undercover customer: 

This is also one of the best franchise marketing solutions. This is an essential technique to know first-hand the impressions of a client, it is possible to reduce complaints and claims, control the internal regulations of the company.




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