6 Most Popular Flowers to Give on Birthday

What better way to rejoice someone than with happy birthday flowers? While a popular bouquet can be impressive and well recognized, giving it every year can start to feel ordinary. To help hunt for the exotic flowers gifts, I share answers to basic questions, comprising six unique birthday flowers. Some of them are long-lasting, and some just sense better.

Popular flower bouquets started as a simple way to show feelings through their color and even the kind of flower being given. The meaning they hold and their strength to magnify a person’s mood make them a graceful gift to get at any time. However, as seen above, sometimes you need to mix things up a little, so here we go.


Those people whose birthdays come in January can be given carnations. Carnations refer to desire, charm, energy, good luck, respect, and love. One can get a pack of fresh pink or red carnations and make the birthdays exceptional.


The flower for February’s birthday is the iris. Iris means greatness, stability, hope, faith, and courage. These exotic flowers got the name of the early Greek Goddess Iris, a prophet of the gods, and imagined using the rainbow to bridge the earth and happiness. Usually found in expensive basket compositions, iris would add much shade to any space.


Daffodils are the first flowers to blossom in the Spring, and that is why it is the official flower for March. As it flowers in the spring season, this flower is often linked with rebirth. Daffodils also signify creativity, motivation, revision, knowledge, and mercy. With many fresh daffodils, one can hope for more faith, positivity, and joy. So, can there be any better birthday card?


The small white round flowers with yellow dial are among the most beautiful flowers globally, which refers to April. This flower never fails to improve positivity and humor. It further means simplicity, new starts, and true desire.

Lily of the Valley 

The exact title of the lily of the valley is Convallaria majalis. It is the natural flower for May. Scented flowers are hugely used in the scent industry. It is also used in spiritual rituals, weddings, and other festivals. This flower signifies sincerity, good luck, peace, purity, and humility. It is believed that this flower preserves the gardens against evil qualities. Some say it is the flower of the spirits. In some European countries, people think that the lily of the valley grows ideas of heaven which means a bright future is assured.


It is the flower for July. People having a birthday in July can be gifted a water lily plant which they can keep at their home and relish the peaceful view. Many believe that water lilies are linked with rebirth. Human beings are ever-growing, and while giving a water lily, a new birth with new insights, ideas, and views can be shown. It also means knowledge, perfect beauty, and purity.


Therefore, these are the birthday flowers that can be ideally given as gifts to your beloved ones to make them happier and feel special. These flowers will make every moment best and memorable for a lifetime. Thus, get these flowers with a beautiful arrangement of bouquets.

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