6 Must-Have Cricut Products to Create DIY Crafts

It’s crystal clear that all DIYers must have many essential Cricut products while creating custom projects. The company aims to give a golden chance to all the creators spread globally to display their creative side. Besides, they also help the creators make their craft more enjoyable, fun, and friendly. These items permit them to start professional businesses, whether part-time or full-time. Some of the best crafts that are designed out of these items include:

  • Custom T-Shirts
  • Greeting Cards
  • Leather Earrings
  • Paper Crafts
  • DIY Coasters
  • Personal Hats
  • Custom Mugs

Inside this blog, we’ve shared some of the basic items which every DIYer must include while creating a new craft from the cutting machine.

1.  Cricut Design Space

Design Space app allows users to draw their imaginary ideas on the Canvas. Inside the app, the DIYer will get to use different tools during the crafting process. Moreover, it supports both PCs & smartphones and can be downloaded & installed from the Cricut website, Play Store or App Store. However, the device must meet the system requirements to run the app. Other than that, the crafts will also get a Cricut Access plan to use a huge library of professional content and advanced features of the Cricut app.

2.  Cutting Machines

Cricut Inc. has expertise in developing electric cutting machines for their buyers. They’ve launched numerous cut-die models in the market with various features. Currently, the Maker series, Explore series, Joy, and Venture are in huge demand among crafters. As time passes, they keep upgrading their models to get the top-quality project out of it.

3.  Heat Presses

Apart from producing electronic cutting machines, the company holds a very good experience in manufacturing heat presses. One of these Cricut products allows users to spread their creativity skills globally. The user must install the Cricut Heat app on their separate devices. The Cricut heat press includes EasyPress, AutoPress, Mug Press & Hat Press.

4.  Tools & Accessories

Cricut accessories make the DIYer greedy to get more out of crafting machines. The section will include accessories for both craft plotters along with heat presses. Besides, it will make the project look more attractive and release the DIYer’s hidden talent.

All Cricut products have their own tools and accessories used during crafting. The list of tools includes Basic Tool Set, Cricut Cutting Mats, Blanks, Heat Transfer Tape, and Glue Gun Set. 

5.  Pens & Markers

If you know Cricut’s cutting abilities, you must have also known about its writing & drawing features. You read it right; this electronic device is compatible with handling pens and markers to write and draw text, illustrations, doodles, coloring pages, and many more.

Besides, one of the good things about Cricut pens & markers is that they are pocket-friendly and long-lasting. Furthermore, they are compatible with Cricut Maker, Explore, Joy & Venture.

6.  Bundles

Lastly, under the Cricut products sections comes the Cricut bundle. It gives freedom to the user to transform their designs into reality.

The products inside the bundle contribute in their specific way by giving the craft a professional look and personal touch. The DIYers can buy the bundle from Cricut’s home page or Amazon at a reasonable price. The user can also purchase the Cricut Maker series bundle, Explore bundle, and Joy bundle.


On the whole of this blog, Cricut products help the company achieve its target of manufacturing new items frequently. They are passionate about creating amazing goods which will make their customers happy. Besides, they value, trust, and pay special attention to making a bond with their customers. However, all the users need to understand the importance of these products & how to access them. You can also pay a visit to our website for more updates. You can also refer to the below FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Projects Can Be Created from Cricut Products?

Answer: With the help of Cricut products, the crafter can make the most difficult project become a reality. The list of custom projects includes:

  • Personal T-Shirt
  • Custom Pillow
  • Banners
  • DIY Face Mask
  • Custom Hat
  • Leather Earrings
  • Personal Mugs
  • Monogram Necklace
  • Tote Bags
  • Custom Letter Boards

Before commencing the cutting process, all the DIYers must know how to operate those items and their importance.

Question: What is Cricut Design Space?

Answer: Cricut Design Space is an application/software which runs together with cutting machines. The user will use various tools, images, fonts, and projects in the app. Other than that, it’s essential to connect the Cricut app with a cut-die machine. Apart from that, all users must check whether their device fulfills the app system requirements. Besides, Design Space is compatible with PCs & smartphones.

Question: Is It Worth to Buy Cricut Products?

Answer: Buying Cricut products is worth it whether you are a newbie or an experienced DIYer. Different kinds of items are available in the market, which helps the DIYer design something creative and out of the box. Cricut is a computer-controlled machine that can cut and print on different materials. It comes with different tools & accessories which can cut the thinnest to thickest material. Apart from that, they are perfect for starting a part-time or full-time business.

Visit: cricut.com/setup

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