6 of the Best Panty Styles to Buy Today

As women, we often pay attention to our appearance. We go out of our way to buy the fanciest of clothes, shoes, and makeup. While these make us feel confident, uncomfortable innerwear throws it down the drain. It makes us feel embarrassed and even cranky. This stands exceptionally accurate in the case of panties for ladies. Wearing the wrong kind invites inconvenient situations.

The apparent solution is buying comfortable styles that best suit your taste. If you want to know more about them, consider the list:

  1. Boy shorts

Boy shorts are inspired by men’s briefs. They are pretty like shorts because they offer full coverage both in the front and the back. These should be your pick if you want a pair of modest panties. You can wear them under shorts, dresses, or even at home while lounging around.

  1. Hipsters panties

They are a blend of two underwear styles: boy shorts and bikinis. They rest just a few inches below your navel. On the backside, they offer optimum coverage, giving you a figure-flattering look. This is primarily why most women buy this style of panties online.

  1. Seamless panties

These are underwear without conspicuous seams. The fabric lies flat on the body, making the panty look discrete under tight-fitted clothing. Hence, you should consider buying this style if you frequently wear garments like yoga pants, bodycon, or fitted skirts.

  1. Full-coverage cotton panties

Such panties are an absolute must for every woman. Ideal for daywear for women, they are usually made of soft cotton. This gives them a lightweight and breathable appeal. The best part is that you can wear them under practically any outfit. Whether dresses or denim, you will not even feel their presence.

  1. High-rise briefs

They are high-waisted, full-cut panties. They are designed to give you full coverage and conceal your belly area. Considering this feature, many women wear it as a body-shaper, under fitted garments. It helps them achieve a seamless look.

  1. Bikinis

This style has narrow sides and a hip-level waistband. This design delivers a universally flattering shape, regardless of your body size. It gives you the confidence to flaunt your curves on your terms. The backside offers sufficient coverage to your buttocks. If you invest in one with soft material, you should not face difficulty wearing it all day.

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