6 reasons to have property management on Ibiza

Currently, there are people who, due to work or travel, put their houses or apartments for rent. However, leaving your property in the hands of unknown people makes them insecure. For this reason, there are experts and professionals in buildings management on Ibiza that perform property management and take care of the entire leasing process.

If you are considering renting your house or apartment, take into account these 6 advantages that you can have if a real estate agency, like Hoy Hoy Ibiza manages your properties.

1. Property Management chooses the ideal tenant:

For many landlords, it is a headache to evaluate each tenant. Therefore, if a real estate agent performs property management, it allows you to analyze the profile of each landlord, to see if they can pay the amount monthly and if they are responsible for the payments.

Also, there are real estate agencies that have rating systems to choose the ideal tenant.

2. Draw up the lease:

If you don’t have experience drawing up a formal contract, don’t worry. Hoy Hoy Ibiza, the real estate agent will be in charge of drawing up the lease according to current laws and clauses, to protect the owner and the tenant.

3. Make the payment of maintenance and services:

When you think about paying for electricity, water services, maintenance fees, you start to get stressed. You will be able to avoid all this problem when you hand over us to manage property on Ibiza.

4. Collect the rent directly from the tenant:

Do you want to have your rent payments on time? Our agency will be responsible for collecting the rent amount directly from the tenant and administering the delinquency rates. So, you will be receiving your money at specific times, just as the agreement says in the initial contract.

5. Is pending tax payments:

Having a property, such as an apartment or a house, implies having responsibility in terms of paying taxes. Therefore, having the property management service will allow you to feel relieved since we will be in charge of the management of tax payments, municipal taxes, and property.

6. Intervene in technical assistance with the tenant:

By having the property management service, we will take care of comprehensive assistance with any technical problem that may arise. When these cases occur, the tenant and the real estate agency will be in charge of solving the problem, and as the owner, you will free yourself from paperwork or obligations.

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