6 Reasons Why You Need A Three-Bedroom Home Extension

Have you been planning to have a home extension for a long time, but you don’t have enough resources to start? Maybe this is the right time for a three-bedroom extension! Although it seems like a huge extension, this might be what you need.

Of course, just like the other home constructions, you’ll need to get some permits to pursue this. However, once you have a plan, enough space, and the money, you can easily have it started.

Having home extensions has a lot of great benefits. Although it looks too much as it’s a three-bedroom, it’s a lot easier than moving to another place.


So if you’re having second thoughts about getting a three-bedroom home extension, then you should check the list below!


1. More room

Who doesn’t want to have some additional space in the house, right? It’s great to have every room in the house occupied by things where they belong to. For example, if you have enough bedrooms in your home, someone won’t need to sleep on the couch or you can use the coffee table without occupying the walkway.

If you have a new space, you can easily think of something to do with it. Of course, when you’re planning to have a home extension, then you must already know what to do with these spaces.

Of course, if you’re not ready for a big change, you can start with having one room extension at a time. However, it might be more hassle so it’s best if you do it all at once.

2. Maximise outdoor space

Do you have a huge garden but you don’t use it most of the time? Then you should convert it into a home extension. If your available space can’t occupy a three-bedroom extension, then you can have the rest on a second-floor extension.

Furthermore, if your extra space outside is not just in one place, then you can opt for an extension that surrounds your house. After that, you can just turn down some of the walls inside of your house, then add some divisions to make new rooms.

A lot of people are now switching to an open space where you can see the living room and the kitchen without any dividers. So if you want to make your space look bigger, this might be a solution for you!

3. Increases the value of your property

Did you know that having home extensions can increase the value of your property? If a simple kitchen extension can get you a few extra thousands, then what more if you choose to have a three-bedroom extension?

According to experts, adding a single bathroom into your home can give you a five percent increase. So a three-bedroom extension is a great investment that you can use for a long time.

Of course, one thing you should never forget about having a home extension is how it fits in the existing property. If it looks too complicated, then maybe you won’t get the increase of value you think you deserve.


4. Save time and money

Save yourself from paying additional fees for movers, buying another property, and starting a new life away from your current home. If you need a new space, you can just have a home extension instead of moving out.

More importantly, having home extensions can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Of course, if your need a three-bedroom extension, you might need to rent a place for a time being, but it’s all worth it once you’ve seen the huge changes.

5. You need it

One way or another, you’ll need to add more space to your current home. Fortunately, a home extension is a great option that anyone can afford. Besides, whether you have a new baby, or you need a home office, the space will help you with what you need.

When adding home extensions, you’ll first need to identify what do you need them for. From there, you can assess how many rooms you’ll need to add. When having a three-bedroom extension, you can easily use the ones you don’t need yet as a guest room until the right time comes.

6. Customise the design

Having home extensions can also give you the liberty to redesign. Of course, there will be huge changes because of the addition to the property, but you can also change the entire design. Since something has changed, then maybe it’s time to change the overall aesthetics.

Although designing is the last benefit of having home extensions, it’s also one of the most important parts of increasing the value of your property.


Have you decided yet? Of course, having home extensions takes time so you should think about it before making a decision. If you have any other tips about having a three-bedroom extension, then just let us know by leaving a comment below!


About the Author: Aliana Baraquio currently writes for Cubbit’s Granny Flats Australia, a family-owned-and-operated business that delivers Granny Flats and Home Extensions for customers in over 25 years across NSW and ACT. She also loves interior designing and home makeovers.

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