6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to AWS

In this digital age the future continues to seem uncertain, so having a trustworthy online infrastructure for your business is more important than ever. Currently, cloud computing is your best bet to ensure your IT infrastructure remain in-sync with your business growth. In this regards, one of the leading cloud service providers in the market today is Amazon Web Services (AWS). With more than 40% market share of the cloud service market, AWS is inarguably one of industry leaders in the cloud world. AWS offers cloud-based storage, virtual storage, and many other best featured services to enterprises so they can achieve their digital needs.
With its advanced technology and services, Amazon cloud enterprise solutions enables you to successfully cater to today’s ever changing business environment. In this article, we have highlighted why you should choose AWS cloud services for all your enterprise IT needs and why AWS is superior to other cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Heroku, and more.

Trusted By Leading Companies
AWS has millions of customers and in the year 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS) generated revenue of 62.2 Billion USD. AWS is trusted by blue chip fortune 50 companies like Unilever, Adobe, Nokia, Kellogs, Samsung, Netflix, etc.

Wide-Range of Services offered by AWS
The greatest strength of AWS is it’s wide range of services that it offers to businesses to accomplish their diversified needs. AWS doesn’t only tender a wide range of services, it offers best-in-class versions of those services. AWS has cutting edge tools and services to manage all your infrastructure needs across databases, storage, computing technologies etc. In addition, AWS has its own flagship application integration and developer tools, which when deployed correctly, can lead to substantial dollar savings.
Next level Security
AWS has in-built security features that helps to protect your organization’s data and systems. AWS is highly focused on monitoring and updating its security offerings to ensure that your data is always protected and safe in the cloud. Moreover, AWS wants you to have complete control over your data and to this regards, they provide unremitting data monitoring and identity/access controls services.

Highest Customer Satisfaction
As of 2021, more than 81 percent of companies who have used AWS services are fully satisfied with their investment. With millions of active users in different countries all across the globe, migrating to AWS will enable you to take your business to next level as you will be able to fuel growth by leveraging the sheer computing prowess provided by a world-class hosting platform. Whether small, medium or large business, everyone trusts AWS as their trusted cloud partner, along with some of the world’s largest companies and government organizations.

One of the advantages with AWS is its pricing model. With its ‘its pay as you use’ price model, the end-users only pays for the services that they consume (and nothing else). AWS only requires you to pay only for the resources you use for your business. You don’t have to pay profound subscription fees for resources that you won’t even use. The highly flexible pricing model considerably improves the organizational bottom line, keeping cloud computing affordable for your business.
Disaster Recovery System
AWS offers robust ‘Disaster Recovery’ incase anything goes wrong. AWS, as part of its in-built service offering, provides DR services and has a well-defined disaster recovery plan for all size of enterprises and requirements.

Higher Flexibility
AWS offers great flexibility when it comes to choosing a plan that best fits your needs. It allows you to choose your operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services that your business may need. AWS offers virtual surroundings to load all the services that your application may want. It also simplifies the data migration process.
What is the need of an AWS Consulting Partner?
Prior to the ideal factors for choosing AWS consulting partner, it is highly essential to reflect on the necessity. The role of certified AWS consultant to tackle your various requirements from cloud computing. Mostly, an AWS consulting Partner ensures the right implementation of an AWS infrastructure. AWS consultants are capable of designing, developing, testing, and maintaining different IT infrastructure hosted on AWS.
Peritos Solutions is an AWS Select Tier partner and a trusted IT managed service provider that can help you in accelerating your journey into cloud. Peritos can provide you with deep insight into how you can leverage AWS services and how best you can optimize your Amazon Web Service costs (fixed and recurring).
AWS consultants or consulting company is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are using AWS in its fullest. Here are few important reasons why you need an expert AWS Consultant Partner.
•    To Get Expert Assistance
•    For Seamless Operations
•    For the Availability of Whole Skill-set
•    To have an Optimized AWS Solution
All this is going to happen only if you make the right decision and choose the best AWS consulting partner for your business. Recognize the incredible power of the cloud that comes with an array of technologies, tools, opportunities, and choices. Peritos’s AWS consulting services will help you sort through that difficulty and identify the initiatives most important to your business grow.

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