6 Stickman Bike Battle Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Do you want to experience the thrill of biking on mountains? Play Stickman Bike Battle and compete with others in bike races. While this game looks simple, it is far from it. Here are some strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you master Stickman Bike Battle.

  1. Collect free coins

When you visit the shop’s premium section, you will be able to view the place wherein you can purchase coins using real bucks. On the upper side, there is an icon, tapping on which will give you twenty-five free coins. Simply tap the button at an hourly basis and collect your twenty-five coins for free.

  • Jump into the air

While biking off ramps, you might worry if jumping in the air is good or not. Jumping into the air is good. Moreover, often, there will be several bumps on the road. Hence, a long jump can help you get across them easily. You should know the path a little in advance so that you can decide when to take a jump. But, you need to avoid jumping when the path is going to bend, as you will not have sufficient time to take a turn.

  • Pump to gain speed

When you are on ramps, then you can pump to increase the speed. This permits you to maintain your center of gravity at the lowest. Since the bike is close to the base, you will be able to increase your speed when you are going downhill. Whenever you are at a huge ramp, then you should go for pumping. But when there are several ramps one after the other,  then just try to jump over the maximum number of ramps. Just tap on the pimp button when you are on hills, and it will keep you close to the ground. This way, you can make turns easily and safely.

  • Learn the path

If you want to master Stickman Bike Battle, then you need to learn your way. Just study the track closely while playing and try to memorize it. The best thing about the game is that the track remains unchanged along with the lap counts. Sometimes, the track turns facing the camera, and this is a tricky part because you will not be able to see what is next properly.

  • Get new bikes

As soon as you have sufficient coins, get the next bike upgrade. You can choose from twenty different bikes. Apart from bikes, the game has two dozen characters that you can collect. Each character has its own individual skill. Moreover, these rides are not similar with each having different colored accessories. You can choose between a spaceman, host, beach girl, skeleton, etc.

  • Wheels of fortune

The game comes with a number of modes and two bonus levels. You can also play offline and practice. You should practice before you start playing online multiplayer mode. By practicing, you will be able to master the track.

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