6 Techniques to Increase Google Ranking in Organic Search

6 Techniques to Increase Google Ranking in Organic Search

In order to drive traffic to your website, it is very beneficial to rank your web pages high in Google’s organic search results for important keywords. To overcome this, digital marketing courses in Bangalore can help not only beginners but also experienced people to make a better transformation.

Here are some basic tactics to help you improve your organic search engine rankings, even though Google is constantly changing its search engine algorithms.



  • Create a keyword list.


It is unrealistic to think that you will rank first on Google for every keyword related to your industry. Your goal is to get high organic rankings for the most targeted keywords. Both marketing and management need to work on this activity. List potential keywords based on how customers search for your goods and services, then research usage and market competitiveness for each phrase.


  1. Organic ranking supports good content

Always remember that producing quality content that grabs attention, encourages readers to share and link, and compels them to do so is critical before delving into some of the more technical approaches to improving SEO rankings. Since Google loves viral content so much in its ranking algorithm, good content has the best chance of going viral.

All these techniques are covered along with other core modules in the digital marketing courses in Bangalore.


  1. Create a landing page.

Google will have a hard time determining which pages are relevant when you have ten pages related to the same keyword. Instead, combine all of your material on one grounding page. There will be no confusion about SEO with one authoritative grounding page on a particular topic and you should perform better.


  1. Include your keywords and their variations in the page content.

Using keywords is the best approach to rank them. Important keywords should be placed at the beginning of the page title, heading, and body copy because their first appearance can indicate relevance. In all of your content, you should use focus keywords frequently but never sacrifice effective writing.


  1. Use keyword variations as anchor text when creating internal links.

The visible text that hyperlinks use to point to other websites is called “anchor text”. Google can better understand the topic of the linked website when relevant and detailed anchor text is used.


  1. Don’t forget to use the ALT tag

If an element that applies the ALT tag (such as an image) cannot be rendered, the alternative text specified in the ALT tag is displayed instead. Remember to always use descriptive ALT tags with keywords targeted for that page when you have photos and other elements on your site, as ALT tags are signals for Google’s ranking algorithm.



There’s no quick way to increase your search authority, but with a little planning, forethought, and following SEO best practices, you’ll get there sooner than you expect.

For a better strategy, enroll in the top 10 digital marketing courses in Bangalore to learn how to develop, manage and implement sophisticated search engine marketing strategies using AdWords, PPC, Display, and Remarketing approaches to advance your career change.

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