6 Things You ProbablyNever Knew About Your Life Insurance

Life insurance deserves every households’ attention. But as with every finance-based concept, life insurance policies attract widespread skepticism. Lots of persons have built wrong perceptions of life insurance.

You need adequate information to make the right life insurance policy decisions. Here are six things you probably never knew about your life policy.

1. Life Insurance Is Not Always Expensive

Life insurance premiums increase as you add new features. Yet, some coverage forms are incredibly cheap. While smokers, for instance, may pay higher, a healthy non-smoking young adult may pay as low as $20 monthly for a $300,000 20-year level term coverage.

2. You May Change Your Life Insurance Policy

Sadly, many life policies do not reflect their holder’s current life insurance needs. Life insurance needs are dynamic. They change over time. Changes in health, income, marital status, among others, may require a life insurance policy review. Besides, one may also consider a life insurance buyout if they prefer cash to continued coverage.

Life happens. So, you may need a life insurance reevaluation when any significant life event occurs.

3. Life Insurance Offers Financial Assistance ToThe Disabled

Some insurers pay benefits before the policyholder’s death. Some packages may payout if a holder gets critically ill. Invasive cancer, heart attack, and stroke are typical examples of such health concerns. Such coverage aims to help sick policyholders settle medical and other essentials.

Even if your plan does not support a buyout on medical conditions, you may consider cashing out a life insurance policy

Logically, some bills are better used to improve health than as death benefits.

4. Get Back Your Money If You’re Faithful And Truthful

Life insurance companies may give back all your premiums. This practice is obtainable if you stick through to the end of your policy span without a claim. Knowing you will get your investments if you outlive your life insurance can be reassuring. Besides, knowing you can sell life insurance policy for a lump sum is, in itself, soothing.

5. Life Insurance For Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance isn’t cheap. A rider and life insurance policy combination may afford you this coverage. Besides, some offers combine long-term care and life insurance in a single package.

Whether it comes as a specialty or a rider, long-term care benefits slash death benefits. Including long-term care policy to your life insurance plan may cost you extra. However, it makes better economic sense than obtaining two packages. If you need long-term care coverage but doubt its usefulness, consider this complimentary combo.

6. Premium Waiver

Many life insurance policies recognize premium waver riders. Such provisions may also come handy for disabled holders. The rider strikes out premiums for persons with specific illnesses or injuries. As with living benefits, policyholders hardly ever use premium waivers. They often forget even after explanation at coverage purchase.

Now that you’re aware of some life policy perks you probably didn’t know, consider scheduling a call with the advisor at Your Life Insurance Solution, LLC, to discuss your options and the term package(s) that best suits your long-term needs.

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