6 Tips and Tricks to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

As we all know that now that a majority of people own gadgets like smartphone, laptop, and camera, etc. Laptop owners often face issues with their device’s battery.  Today we are discussing how to increase laptop’s battery life. So, let’s get started.

1.Unplug services that are not being used

Any device you connect with your laptop will be consuming more power from your battery life. Your laptop battery drains fast because of USB devices you connect, and these devices consume a large amount of power. So, do not plug any device that you don’t need to use.

2. Use shutdown or sleep mode when you are not using your laptop

If you are not using your Laptop for a long time while connecting the charger, then your Laptop consumes power because of you do not shut down, or sleep mode activates of your Laptop. During the charging, if you shut down your Laptop, then it gives you additional power for your laptop.

3. Activate energy saver of your laptop

In laptops, you can customize the power plans in the Control Panel. Your laptop will modify software and hardware behavior and use minimum battery power.  Also, you can change the power plan in your advance setting from your Laptop.

4. When you are not using, turn off wireless and Bluetooth settings

Whenever you don’t need any wireless device or Bluetooth device, then you should turn off it. Because of this process, you can conserve the battery and use your laptop for a longer duration.

5.Minimize sound and brightness

When we turn on our device, then first we notice the brightness and sound. The higher the brightness and sound is, the faster will the battery drain. In a laptop, you can easily adjust your sound and brightness like for sound you can click the sound icon, and for brightness, you can go to settings.

6. Take care of the battery

The battery is an essential part of devices and we have to take care of it. Most common causes of decreased battery life are like heavy gaming, full brightness, Bluetooth, and wireless devices that are connected. These processes consume a large amount of power. That’s why you have to turn off options that are consuming battery.

Hopefully, by following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to increase and improve the battery life of your laptop.

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SOURCE: 6 Tips and Tricks to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

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