6 Tips for Choosing a Latina Makeup Brand That You Can Support

21Some of the best Latina-run beauty brands strive to make women feel empowered, sexy, confident, and beautiful. Today’s Latinas want makeup products designed with their skin in mind and that represents them culturally. So, when choosing a brand of Latina makeup to support, here are six things today’s mujer should consider.

Latina-Founded and Operated

No one understands the diverse and dynamic community of Latinas better than Latinas themselves. Many women grew up watching their mothers, grandmothers, and older sisters tend to their beauty routines and create their signature makeup looks using defining brow paint, dark eyeliner, and richly-pigmented eyeshadows and lipsticks. Today’s iconic Latina makeup products should deliver, whether you want fierce chola makeup vibes, a glamorous Rita Moreno look, or something in-between that’s uniquely you.

Products Are Versatile

The best of today’s luxurious Latina makeup is often formulated for multiple purposes. For example, eyeshadows can be used wet for a higher-impact look or dry for a subtler look. Eyeshadows should also be velvety smooth and highly saturated. While one can use a high-quality brow paint on her eyebrows, the versatility of the product should also allow her to use it as a beautiful eyeliner or eyeshadow as well. Contouring kits should be able to be applied anywhere on the face, including the brow bones, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, eyelids, and even lips.


Positive endorsements often come from customers and celebrity makeup artists, but they also come from reputable magazines and online publications. It’s an excellent sign if the brand has several award-winning products, based on honors from Latina-based publications like Hola! and Latina Magazine, for example. Press mentions are also valuable. If the makeup brand has tons of press mentions from top publications such as Forbes, O, The Oprah Magazine, and Allure, it’s a telling sign of a successful, quality brand.

Social Media Presence

You can get a good feel for a brand based on their social media posts. What are people saying about the makeup products on Instagram and Facebook? Scroll through the feed and find out! Do the products speak to people authentically? Read the reviews and watch the how-to videos to see for yourself.

Tutorials for Inspiration

You should be able to watch videos on the brand’s website and social media to see how other people are applying the products. You might be inspired to recreate those looks or learn how to apply the same makeup your way for a look that’s authentically yours.


The makeup brand should proudly display their cruelty-free status. If you can’t see this claim on their products, individual product pages, and blog posts, reconsider supporting the brand. Cruelty-free cosmetics mean that the products are not tested on animals. Make sure the brand is keeping their entire collection cruelty-free, including their makeup brush sets and beauty bags.

Get behind a Latina makeup brand that has carved a path in the beauty world for Latinas. As a Latina herself, Regina Merson is the founder of a fierce and glamorous Latina makeup line—Reina Rebelde—the first made specifically for Latina women.

About Reina Rebelde

Award-winning Latina makeup brand Reina Rebelde’s line of color products and provocative shades often offer built-in versatility. The brand carries makeup for lips, eyes, and face—in bold shades of red to neutral nudes. Reina Rebelde is inclusive for all Latinas, offering a range of brow paints, lipsticks, eyeliners, and eyeshadows, so you can create your own unique look. Get glam, go for a fierce chola makeup vibe, or choose whatever makes you feel the most authentic. Reina Rebelde, which means “rebel queen” in English, was created by Latinas for Latinas—the first brand of its kind. Reina Rebelde’s products help Latinas unapologetically and beautifully express themselves.

Learn more about Reina Rebelde at Reinarebelde.com

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