6 tips to follow before stepping into sexy nightwear

Stepping in sexy nightwear is the easiest way to make any night with your partner more romantic. In fact, most women tend to step in honeymoon night dresses for brides for their first night after marriage and their honeymoon nights. There are several other advantages that wearing sexy lingerie can bring. It makes the wearer feel sexy and confident, and also lifts up her mood. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before stepping into sexy nightwear.

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This blog highlights 6 tips that you need to follow before stepping into sexy nightwear for women.


No Makeup

It is generally advised by all the makeup gurus and dermatologists that wearing makeup to bed is the biggest mistake when it comes to your skin. Thus, whether stepping in sexy nightwear or not, make sure to take off your makeup before hitting the bed. However, there is an exception here. If you have planned a roleplay session for the night, or need to put on a bold lipstick for that extra seductive ooze, you can keep your makeup on. Nonetheless, as your act for the night is done, take off the makeup and only then hit the bed.



This is not a mandate, but most women do this before slipping in a honeymoon night suit for bridal. If you and your partner are comfortable with body hair, you can happily skip this step. However, in any other case, make sure to get rid of that unwanted hair from your legs, thighs, arms, armpits and any other facial or neck hair. Do not use any hair removal method in your vaginal area, as each one of those have one shortcoming or other. You can trim your pubes with a clean, sanitised scissor, if you want your vagina to look as clean as your other body.



The next step is a shower. You can wash your hair as wet hair makes a woman look hotter, but it completely depends on your hair wash routine. However, you cannot skip shower before stepping into honeymoon night dresses for the bride. Having a shower is a mandate no matter whether you are drenched in sweat or have not stepped out of your room throughout the day. You need to feel fresh to look sexy. Thus, having a bath before wearing a sexy nightie is mandatory.



After a shower, jump to your nighttime skincare routine. Moisturise your skin and hydrate your lips. No one wants to touch dry skin or kiss chapped lips. Also, if you have a very lengthy skincare routine, you can skip it for that night, and just hydrating your skin and lips with a good cream and lip balm can get the job done. Also, if any of your night time skincare products are oily, sticky or smell weird, skip them for the night.


Smell Good

You need to smell good before stepping in the act. Wear a soft cologne or perfume that smells delicate but stirs the other person. Also, avoid using deo or a roll on, as using anything on your skin when he might be kissing you is a bad idea. You want him to taste you, and not your roll-on or deo.


Slip with Confidence

Now that everything is set, slip in your honeymoon night suit for bridal with confidence.

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