6 Tips to Save Money When Renting a Car in Singapore

6 Tips to Save Money When Renting a Car in Singapore

Do you feel like you are caught in a rut and want to get inspired by exploring different places and experiences? But is the thought of spending a lot of money on something like renting a car making you hesitant? Worry not, the experts at Dream Car leasing  put together some tips for you to save money when renting a car in Singapore. If you don’t know which company to rent from, we may be just the right sg car rental for you!

1. Book early

The saying “the early bird gets the worm” couldn’t be more true when renting a car. Early reservations will allow you to take advantage of some of the best offers available, especially during the off-season. In Singapore, the holiday seasons are very busy, which tends to drive up the prices. Therefore, plan ahead and avoid such price hikes.

2. Do your research

A simple Google search will produce a myriad of sg car rental options for you to choose from. However, be sure that the sg car rental you select is both affordable and reliable.

Make sure that you don’t just settle for the cheapest option. This could do you more harm than good. The cheapest sg car rental Singapore may perhaps not be the most ideal one for you, therefore run a fine-tooth comb through their reviews as well.

3. Car Inspection

Damages such as dents and scratches can cost you a small fortune, so make sure that you thoroughly inspect the car before driving it. You may take photos of any existing damage as evidence so that you won’t be liable for any additional expenses.

Make sure to check whether your choice has met the industry’s standard protocols of safety and cleanliness.

4. Skip add-ons and any unnecessary upgrades

Everybody loves to indulge in a bit of luxury once in a while, but these choices could prove to be quite costly. Be wise, and think about the type of vehicle that you would actually need for your trip. This will save you a lot of money. Avoid any unnecessary upgrades, offers, and add-ons such as Wi-Fi or GPS devices. If needed, you can always buy them separately at a much cheaper price.

5. Save on gas

Usually, sg car rentals in Singapore don’t cover fuel charges, so don’t forget to allot a separate budget for fuel. If they do provide fuel coverage, remember to note the fuel level of your rental car.

Drive slowly and avoid accelerating too quickly as this can increase fuel consumption. Apart from driving speed, tyre pressure can also affect fuel consumption. Therefore, try to keep the tyre pressure at recommended levels. Avoid leaving your car idle as it can burn up fuel too. In addition to this, the weight of your belongings can affect gas consumption as well. Try to lighten the load as much as possible. The higher the weight, the higher the consumption!

6. Choose the best route

Always plan in advance and find the best route possible for your destination. This will save you time and help you to avoid any unnecessary diversions. It will help you cut down on your fuel usage as well.

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