6 top fashion trends for summer 2019


Latest Fashion Trends for Girls

The runways usually showcase what the upcoming fashion is. However, the streets display not only the latest fashion trends but also the future fashion statement. With summer here, get ready to revamp your wardrobe. Summers are way more fun to think about than the snow and cold temperatures. Some of the basics that every girl should have in place are feathers and crochet, tie-dye, polka dots, and so on.

Let us learn about these and other such latest fashion trends for girl in detail:

  • Tie-dye: It emerged as a fashion influencer in summer 2018. Tie-dye is no more limited to art teachers and ageing hippies. Several brands have given their version to the tie-dye. Dior has employed a kaleidoscope version that layers the tie-dye over florals. Miuccia Prada, on the other hand, went for a fluoro approach which reflects liberated woman.


  • Sunshine shades: Summer still means warm rusty red tones. Combine red with orange or wine colours to complete the chic look. The sunburnt orange satin jacket also seems impactful. If you have to head for parties or business events, opt for a deep red dress. It signals a hot summer.


  • Shorts: Summer is the time to get those Capri and all other kinds of shorts out. There are primarily two kinds of shorts that make it to the list of latest fashion trends – cycling shorts and board shorts. You could club it with a jacket during holidays or find shorts that have sequins on it for that trendy weekend outing. A slouchy green style also works well this summer as the heat goes up.


  • Boiler suits: Originally known as one-piece protective labour outfit, boiler suits are as fashionable as they are functional. Just select the right cut and colour that suits you best, to rock the look. These long-sleeved jumpsuits are available in different styles. This way you are never short of choices.


  • Bucket hats: Another one making to the latest fashion trends for girl is the bucket hats. This iconic 90s accessory should be on your shopping list. It is not just stylish but also protects you from the sun. They are perfect ensembles for the weekend. These hats could be plain, with a logo, or pattern. They add an edge to any outfit such as dress, slouchy suits, and others.


Shrunken bags: It is impossible to carry big bags to places in summer. How about a shrunken bag? These bags can only include your phone and lipstick. So, if you are someone who places high importance to style over function, then invest in this miniature bag. You also will not experience sore shoulder.

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