6 Traits that Define a Great lawyer


A lawyer is a person of many hats. Receiving quality education from a popular law school won’t suffice to make someone a good lawyer. They must also have specific skills and qualities that differentiate them from others. If you want to hire the best Migration lawyer in Perth, these are the traits you should look for:

Good Listening Skills:

Effective communication skills are imperative for any lawyer. Good lawyers are great listeners. Granted, speaking is just as important as listening. But a lawyer can offer the best possible solution for you, only when they listen to you first and understand what your situation is. They’ll take the time to hear what their clients have to say, retrieve as much information as possible, and condense the details in a way that is easily manageable for them. It all begins with listening.


When people approach a law firm asking for help, the experts will be genuinely interested in resolving their problems or fulfilling their requirements. Even if you are looking for financial or estate planning lawyers in Perth, compassion is still an important skill for them. Compassionate lawyers will analyse the situation from the clients’ perspective, and take the necessary steps required for you. Being compassionate also means that a lawyer has good people skills.

Creative Problem Solving:

Proficient lawyers will be creative enough in finding workable solutions for any issue their clients face. When you are seeking help for tax related issues, a good lawyer will find out the most creative and practical solution to resolve the same. This is because tax problems are more like a puzzle. Skilled lawyers will approach such problems strategically, and come up with a solution for their clients. If they are well versed in taxes and mathematics in general, you are dealing with the right person.

Great Attention to Detail:

Attention to detail is an absolute must-have for a Migration lawyer in Perth. As they handle tons of information in a given time, there are possibilities of making mistakes. However, a skilled lawyer will ensure that everything’s accurate, right from the start.

Good Decision Making Skills:

Based on the information provided to the lawyer, as well as the experience they already have in dealing with cases like yours, lawyers can make the best decision for your situation. They thoroughly analyse your matter, think outside the box, and draw logical and reasonable conclusions accordingly.

Research Skills:

Legal and factual research is the core of law. To find a workable solution for a complicated problem, a reliable lawyer will have good factual and research skills. Laws keep changing from time to time, and skilled lawyers will ensure to keep up with the updates through research.

These are some of the exceptional skills you must look for in successful trust lawyers in Perth. Do a background check and ask for references, if possible, before hiring one.

The author is a qualified migration lawyer in Perth having an experience of over 4 years. He is currently working at a reputable law firm offering legal assistance for various clients at reasonable rates. For more, visit https://www.munrodoig.com.au/

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