6 Ways To Build Better UX/UI For Mobile IoT App Solutions

With IoT solutions and services meeting multiple end-user requirements, it becomes crucial to design them thoughtfully. Having an intuitive User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) plays a much larger role in raising figures for a better IoT adoption.

As every IoT solutions provider tries to figure out ways to improve the user interface, they go through rigorous research on their end. Moreover, countless applications’ trajectory goes so long that limiting it to a specific interface is complicated.

Physical designs for IoT development services are a bit trickier than traditional software. It is because they have extra layers with different functionality and features.

The IoT devices must collect, store, monitor, process, and transfer unlimited data at all times. If the end-users were to know about the complex data processes, they’d be confused. To improve the end-user experience, the IoT designers should make the entire experience seamless for the users.

Naturally, any IoT app development company will be left with nothing in its hands.

But what if there was a way?

What if we can suggest to you ways to better your UX UI, which doesn’t sound limiting?

Let’s go through the section ahead.

How to improve UI UX for IoT devices?


Top IoT app developers should try to infuse an element of personalization into their devices and apps. Lack of personalization frustrates the users, increasing the abandonment rate. Naturally, there will be no repeat purchase in terms of premium services.

Although personalization might be valuable to any IoT development company, it is another challenge to add personalization everywhere.


IoT app development services should ensure a highly intuitive interface as part of the device. This quality enables the users to avoid getting clueless when they have no prior knowledge of using the app.

Forgetting to Turn off the geyser at home should be as easy as a piece of cake using an IoT device. The user should be able to turn off the geyser without having to watch To-do tutorials for a simple task.

Prioritize the notifications

As an active smartphone user, exposure to plenty of notifications and alerts on your phone can be mind-boggling. We all know it. An IoT app development company must know which information is valuable to its users, and the provider should prioritize it.

Excessive information and alerts can discourage a user from using the app, which will go against the company’s revenue numbers.

Invest in Visualizations

Data visualization is not an easy task. The IoT solutions and services are full of complex data structures. But, the provider should be able to differentiate which data is required by users and deliver high-quality visualizations.

Build on mobile functionalities

The IoT providers should infuse mobile IoT app solutions into several devices. It will help build scalable and function-rich interfaces for users leading to better device experiences.

For example, some users may prefer the voice recognition feature over typing, or some may opt for scanning texts. The IoT company should be ready to meet the demands of the end-user at all times.

Staying in the character

If an IoT device acts in a specific manner in one system, it should provide users with similar experiences across other networks. This helps build a universal UX and helps bridge the gaps in many devices, objects, systems, and networks that the IoT might cover.


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