School buses remain a popular mode of transport for ensuring the safe travel of kids to and from schools. There is a huge trust factor associated with it as the children travel along with their peers. To avoid the hassle of parents not knowing the accurate whereabouts of their kids leads to the need to create top-notch School bus tracking software.

What are the unique features of the School Bus Tracking System?

  • Usage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips – to track the movement of each child on the school bus
  • GPS integration – to know the location of the students when they board or get off the bus.
  • Real-time issue of alerts – in case of emergencies, accidents, and if the school bus is running late due to some reasons.
  • Detailed reports – It contains insightful information about the total number of buses, working condition of each bus, the average number of students in a bus, route plan, vehicle numbers of the buses, names of the drivers, scheduled time of arrival and departure, and average speed of the bus.
  • Wireless CCTV cameras – A high level of safety is ensured as video footage from the bus is uploaded on a real-time basis that can be streamed live and shared easily. It can also be integrated with the leading cloud platforms. Untoward incidents like bad behaviour of drivers and conductors and rash driving are prevented.
  • ID card management – Students will be asked to tap their respective IDs into a reading machine or software when they get on the bus or leave it. This prevents unauthorized boarding of kids and also deters duplicate usage of the same ID card by the students.

As seen above, once schools start functioning full-swing post the end of Covid-19, there will be a big need for developing an advanced School bus GPS tracking software. This keeps both students and teachers on the safer side and also enhances the reputation of the school in the long run.

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