64 audio U12t First Tubeless and Apex Tech Enabled In Ear Monitor

64 Audio is an established US manufacturer that makes in-ear monitors. Moreover, their earphones are made with the latest technologies which help in offering a suitable listening experience. The technologies used include the tia system, Apex (Air Pressure Exchange), and LID (Linear Impedance Design). Other in-ear earphones have 3D prints on the outer shell. With help of professional team members, 64 Audio companies have become the most advanced in-ear monitor company in their industry.

64 audio U12t review

U12t earphones are among the products from 64 audio. These in-ear monitors are made to offer immersive audio & impeccable spatial-imaging. Additionally, it offers clean highs that extend beautifully using a warm & engaging low-end response. Below is a detailed review of U12t.


  • Made with anodized Aluminum-Shells
  • Comes with six-memory foam adapters
  • Features LID Technology
  • Has an Air Pressure Exchange (APEX) tech for a comfortable listening experience
  • Comes with Tia drivers for a realistic resolution & transparency


  • They are expensive

Design features

U12t has an impressive design because it has no audio conductors in the casing. This may unintentionally impact the sound. The passive crossover-unit assigns 4-drivers to the bass range plus 6 to mid-range. Its design is dependent on an ergonomic shaped black-aluminum casing that’s suitably strong for use on stage.  Moreover, it also has an attractive look which is excellent for the job. Furthermore, its audio port is fixed to one pair of the six-memory foam adapters.

Moreover, these earphones have high-quality twisted pairing cords that utilize a strong 3.5mm right-angle plug on a single side. It also has some secure fit on the auricles on the other side. The plug is gold-plated which makes it resistant to rusting hence durable. Additionally, its cable is linked to drivers through a plug connection thus, it’s easily exchanged.

U12t earphones come with a strong plastic carry case. It also comes with a cleaning tool & a clip for cord attachment.

Sound performance

U12t has more drivers that help in offering better audio quality & three-dimensionality with a low impedance design. Furthermore, U12t has an amplifier that offers superb audio neutrality, plenty of definition, and brilliant detail resolution. Additionally, it also offers clarity in trebles as great as the pressure at a necessary level on-stage use. U12t offers a deep descending low-bass that’s resistant to excess even at high-levels. With U12t, you will have immersive audio & impeccable spatial-imaging.

U12t offers a reference-level detail with the help of IEM being the best on engineers, multi-instrumentalists, audiophiles, and sound monitors.

Tia technology

The Tia-system is made of 3-major elements which include open-balanced armature tia-drivers, tia acoustic-chambers, and tia single-bore design. Furthermore, U12t comes with 2 main elements of the tia system which include the tia single-bore design and the tia driver. These drivers advance the three-dimensional and already lively soundstage.

Moreover, U12t is fitted with an open-balanced armature speaker that’s designed with realistic resolution & transparency. This is done by opening a balanced armature and its diaphragm gets fully unobstructed. This reduces resonance in IEM & enables audio to move naturally to one’s ear.

Tia Single Bore is a huge improvement that assists in reducing undesirable tube resonance. Furthermore, large-bore aids as a sound-shaping chamber & assist Tia high-driver in offering a linear & coherent-frequency response. Moreover, a short audio path offers significant high-frequency extension & smoothness. Big single bore enables easier maintenance.

Air Pressure Exchange technology

Apex (Air Pressure Exchange) is an interactive vent that discharges air-pressure from sealed ear-canal. Moreover, Apex is available in 2 variations which includes m20 (-20dB) and m15 (-15dB). Moreover, when a small speaker is sealed in the ear canal, the air that’s inside gets trapped. Furthermore, the Apex releases this air-pressure. This will enable the eardrum to be free and move naturally thus, you will comfortably have a long listening comfort.

The free-moving air prolongs the soundstage & offers provide a natural listening experience. Furthermore, it also conserves bass frequencies & assists the listener to differentiate the individual instruments. With custom in-ear monitors, you will have amazing isolation & help you hear the audio clearly at low volumes. Furthermore, the Apex decreases decibel levels as it preserves sound clarity. Therefore, artists on stage connect with the audience as their hearing is protected.

LID technology

LID (Linear Impedance Design) allows one to have a reliable and consistent sound irrespective of its source. It consists of a proprietary circuit that corrects non-linear impedances of one’s drivers. This restores proper interaction using the source & preserving the preferred sound signature.

With LID, IEMs will offer the desired audio signature consistently despite plugging in varieties of gear with different studios/gigs or audiophile listening via low-impedance sources. Additionally, this model is compatible with a wide range of personal sound devices including all wireless and hard-wired monitor systems.

What’s in the box?

  • U12t Universal In-Ear Monitors
  • 64 Audio Premium Leather Case
  • 64 Audio Sticker
  • Three pairs of TrueFidelity Ear Tips (S, M, L)
  • Three pairs of Silicone Eartips (S, M, L)
  • 48-inches Detachable Premium cord
  • m15 apex Modules
  • m20 apex Modules
  • MX apex Modules


U12t is a universal in-ear monitor that offers immersive audio & impeccable spatial imaging. Moreover, these earphones come with exclusive tech which challenges old in-ear monitor designs and offers you an excellent listening experience. U12t  best earbuds and has a good frequency response that ranges between 10Hz and 20kHz. It’s fitted with twelve-precision stable armature drivers transducer type.

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