How India’s #1 Carpet/rugs Manufacturers can help you make a Better Choice

Did you know India is accountable for approximately 40% of the worldwide export of hand-made carpets & rugs, and the total carpet export was US$ 1.33 billion between April 2020 and February 2021 and for handicrafts?

India has gained popularity for its spectacular carpets & rugs in the international market in the current scenario. Mughal emperor Akbar introduced carpet weaving to India in the 16th century, bringing the Persian weavers from Persia to his palace to manufacture these beautiful additions. Like Genie carpet manufacturers in India, many carpet & rug manufacturers have earned the right name for their reputation and recognition in Manufacturing or exporting vast supplies of carpets across homes, resorts, designer boutiques, fancy outlets, etc.

The contribution of the carpet industry is still growing well in the Indian economy, and carpets are exported globally to around 200 countries. These splendid decor investments become the undeniable items in every home and office because they act as the best decorative items and protect the floor from unwanted wear and tear. These manufacturers deal with the finest quality of hand-made oriental rugs, hand Knotted Carpets, hand-tufted carpets, hand-made carpets, handloom carpets, designer rugs, and custom rugs complete range of floor coverings and broadloom carpets in India.

When it comes to decorating your home or office, no one can beat the carpets & rugs that turn your residential or commercial property into a welcoming space. Explore the vibrant and classy carpets by these manufacturers, which suit all sorts of the user’s needs.

What can you expect from these carpets & rugs manufacturers in India?

They take care of your budget: If you are one of those who may be in a hurry to buy a perfect carpet for your decor, genie carpet manufacturers are trusted source can assist you in finding out which range fits your budget. Their professionals provide expert advice to make an elegant and convenient choice.

Try to mix and match the carpets with walls, curtains, and couch: These manufacturer’s staff help you collecting the samples of your preferred choice. The lighting vision is quite intriguing, and their staff members will assist you in how the changing colors of the carpet go with the furniture and other decor pieces in your room that will best match the carpet interior and decor for your home.

Choose the perfect carpet style: It is highly recommended to opt for the right carpet provider before buying the carpets. Buying these aesthetic items from these suppliers has the largest selection of carpets, and you shall be spoilt for a quote while opting for it amongst all rugs. They have well-trained staff who can help you clear your doubts while picking carpets for your living interiors.

Be aware of the difference between carpets and area rugs: Have you noticed that there are several cases where area rugs look better than carpeting? No doubt, carpeting is an affordable option than area rugs and provides comfort, insulation, and sound absorption. Carpet manufacturers like Genie carpet manufacturers will assist you on every phase of selection that can be a turning point for your home decor.

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