7 Amazing Tricks to Get the Most Value from Your Motorcycle Helmet

Do you want to maximize the value of your branded premium motorcycle helmet? well, you’re in luck! We have collected 7 of the amazing trips are people used to maximize the value for money invested in motorcycle helmets and today we are going to share them with you. So, let’s get started!

Know your style

Always purchase a good quality two-wheeler helmet that is in-sync with your own riding styles and preferences. That way, you don’t grow out of the helmet even if you have to change the way you ride. For example, if you prefer to use a motorcycle mostly for office an intercity commute, go for an open face helmet or a premium modular helmet that gives you the freedom of easily converting a full-face helmet to an open face helmet just by clicking a couple of switches! But if you plan to go on long distance trips more often and use a 4-Wheeler for commutes, a full-face premium helmet is the way to go. When you buy a helmet that matches and complements your riding style, it stays relevant for you for several years down the line and you don’t have to purchase a new helmet every time you think of using the motorcycle for the different purpose.

Buy helmets with latest features

Don’t buy a premium helmet that came out 10 years ago! The best motorcycle helmet manufacturers in India are pushing the envelope when it comes to latest safety and comfort features in their products, and so every year there are going to be newer and better products in the market. So, while purchasing a new helmet, always go with the latest model in the market. Nowadays, premium helmets are coming with in-built Bluetooth modules which allow the riders to take phone calls and listen to music directly on the helmet without using any additional headphones or earphones. Likewise, modern premium helmets for men and women are coming with antifogging technology made possible by the Pinlock® technique Which completely eliminates the problem of fogging during winters.

Size is everything!

There are some things in life where size really matters! Motorcycle helmets are one of those things. So, always make sure that you are getting the size right when you are purchasing a brand-new helmet. In order to get the right size, just use a tailor’s measuring tape to measure the circumference of your forehead and use that to buy a helmet that is as close to the measurement as possible. If you do not have a tailor’s tape, you can use a simple cotton thread to wrap around the forehead and measure it against a ruler. The third thing you can do to get the size right is to visit any nearest motorcycle accessory shop in your area and try out different sizes until you get the right one!

Buy a helmet that serves all purposes

Ideally, you should have different helmets for different writing styles and requirements, but that definitely cost a lot of more money than going with a helmet that serves multiple purpose all at once! So, if you are looking to find a product that matches all of your different requirement, a good quality modular premium two-wheeler helmet is what you should get. These bring the best of both worlds combining the safety of a full-face helmet, and the convenience of an open-face helmet because you can convert the configuration from open face to full face with just a few pushes of levers attached to the side of the helmet.

Modular helmets are the smartest

When it comes to making a thrifty purchase decision regarding helmets come nothing beats the convenience and value for money aspect of a modular helmet. Like we mentioned earlier, modular helmets have a smart design that can easily convert from a full-face helmet to an open face helmet conveniently. So, whether you’re going on long distance road trips, or commuting within the city, a modular helmet will serve your purposes smartly!

Buy into the latest technology

Look for the latest technology in the products within your budget. That way once you purchase the helmet it will last for several years without becoming outdated. Some of the latest features in helmet safety technology that come to mind are pin lock visor for anti-fogging convenience, dual visors for riding in both bright sunny conditions and low light conditions, replaceable and removable inner trimming and linings that help you in maintaining the condition of the helmet easily, and last but not the least quick release trap mechanism which makes it supremely convenient to where the helmet and take it off in a matter of seconds.

Don’t forget the certifications

And finally, the real value of a helmet lies in its safety certification. While it might be really tempting to purchase a helmet without safety certification because they are cheaper, in reality or not getting any value out of non-certified helmets because they are not going to protect your head in the event of an accident. So make the smart decision and always go with that has relevant safety certification applicable in your country

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