7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Diwali in 2020

Diwali, most commonly known as the festival of lights is undoubtedly the favorite festival of Indians. This festival is one of the most significant one for all Hindu followers credited to its history related to Ramayana. It is day to celebrate the triumph of light over dark, wisdom over ignorance. On this day, people from all parts of the country adorn their homes with beautiful lights, decorative show-pieces, and worship Gods and Goddesses on the night of the festival. Sweets, Diyas, and diwali gift are the most essential part of Diwali celebration. People exchange sweets, gifts, and chocolates as a token of love to their near and dear ones. 

Begin the celebration with sweets and chocolates!

Bursting crackers with reckless abandon leads to a series of health problems including breathing disorders and eye infections. Now, it’s time for everyone to realize that celebration should not harm the ecosystem or cause pain and injury to defenseless vulnerable animals. So, keeping this in mind, here are the 7 amazing eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali 2020. 

  1. Go traditional with Rangoli

Alpanas and rangolis are the inevitable parts of Diwali celebration. Apart from exchanging Diwali gifts and sweets, a small step to go green can make a great difference in saving mother Earth. This year say no to the artificial colors and oil paints. Instead, use natural flowers discarded by the florists to decorate your home for the festival. Come up with new mind-blowing designs to make our home beautiful. Also, fill the sections of your design with kitchen ingredients like turmeric or tea to make it more creative. 

  1. Say no to plastics

As you know, Diwali is the festival of lights and it would be meaningless without little bursts of light strung around the house. However, try and opt to buy earthen diyas instead of energy-guzzling electrical lights. These diyas are not only looks amazing, but they are completely organic and eco-friendly. The happiest thing about earthen diyas is that you can wash and reuse it for many years. 

  1. Ditch Fire Crackers

You can find Eco-friendly crackers available in almost all the physical stores around you. Though they are non-hazardous, try to skip the loud bombs wherever you are. During festival times, you can see animals and babies howling and shivering every time they hear a blast. Also, many stray dogs and cats in the vicinity suffer from the wounds and burns caused from burning crackers. This year, don’t let poor animals to suffer because of your carelessness.

  1. Great gift ideas

Gifts and sweets are synonymous to Festivals, but ditch the routine gifts this year. Change your gifting options to organic products. With number of online gift stores, it is now easy for you to find a thoughtful diwali gift for your dear ones. Indoor plants, ceramic mugs, diwali gift hampers and various home décor items are an excellent choice when it comes to gifting. 

  1. Save water

On this Diwali, take necessary measures to save water and energy. Try to choose eco-friendly and biodegradable utensil options over plastic and thermocol alternatives. Dare to be different and use banana leaves to serve the food on Diwali. 

  1. Reuse and Recycle

It is time for you to realize that buying new supplies for Diwali every year doesn’t make any sense. Use recycled old light bulbs, diyas, agarbati stands, and candle holders into new creative supplies. Celebrate this Diwali with new innovative ideas and online Diwali gifts

  1. Be considerate of your surroundings

A celebration is really a true celebration when everyone enjoys it equally. Take a new step to create a new nation by adopting a street dog or by giving shelter in your building corridor. 

Bottom lines

Every year, diwali comes in new colors to spread joy and warmth across the nation. Though there is feeling of joy in the air, the ways adopted to celebrate Deepavali have become irresponsible and hazardous to the environment.

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