7 Best Google Home Mini Features

The Google Home Mini is an impressive smart speaker powered by Google. The recent version of Google Home Mini is known as Google Nest Mini. It possesses many fantastic features, like answering questions, playing music, etc. It is small in size, and therefore, it fits everywhere easily. Nowadays, people are using smart speakers to make their lifestyle better and modern. Here we will discuss seven best features of the Google Home Mini.

Find your phone

You can use the speaker to find your phone if you have put it somewhere in a room and you are unable to find it. You just have to say “Hey Google, find my phone” and it will make your phone ring. To access this feature, you need to sync your number with your Google account. It can be done on both Android and iOS smartphones.

7 Best Google Home Mini Features

It can perform daily routines

Google also allows you to perform your daily routines by programming the device as per the requirement. It works best in smart homes, which are equipped with smart devices and different types of equipment. For example, if you say, “Hey Google, Good Night”, and it will turn off the lights of the home. Similarly, you can sync it for any other task or your daily routines. You can set the time for playing a song or dimming the lights of a particular room.

Broadcast to all devices

You can broadcast your messages at the same time to all the Google Home Mini devices if you have more than one Google Home Mini devices at your home. It allows you to use your Google Mini as an intercom. Even if you are outside and you want to convey a message at your home, you can do that by telling Google Assistant, and the message will be communicated at home on all the Google Home Mini devices.

White noise machine

Google Home Mini also has a feature of playing various sounds and noises. Sometimes, you want to be alone and spend your time with yourself by listening to music and other audio sounds that make you feel comfortable. Google Home Mini is the perfect partner for making you feel better. You can opt to listen to your favorite song or any of the white noises like the chirping of birds, the sound of running water, etc.

Use as a phone

The speaker has the best voice recognition feature. It can easily distinguish between the voices of all the users and obeys the correct one. It has a function to link your contacts to your Google account, and after that, you can ask the speaker to dial the desired number for you. You just have to say, “Hey Google, call dad”, and it will call your father.

It can be a personal assistant

The speaker also possesses a feature to make you remember your valuable things if you are not good with remembering things. It can be done just by saying, “ Hey Google, my notes are in my bag”, and next time you just have to ask Google, where are they, and you will get the answer. In this way, it helps you to keep your things sorted.

Google Home Mini can adjust the TV volume

If you have Google Home Mini at your home, you don’t need to worry about your TV remote because the Google Home Mini will act as a remote for your TV. You can adjust the volume and change the channels of your TV. It also allows you to turn the TV on and off. For performing all these functions, you need to plug a Chromecast at the backside of your TV. You can also link your Google account with various streaming apps to use it on your TV with the help of Google Home Mini.

Google Home Mini is perfect for today’s generation smart homes. It is one of the best smart speakers powered by Google. It is very affordable and compact in size. If you want to switch your home style to a smart home then you must buy Google Home Mini for your home.

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