7 Best Holiday Gift Baskets Ideas


Buying presents should be fun, yet somehow it always turns out to be stressful because let’s face it, some people are difficult to buy for. Since it’s the gifting season, it’s the perfect time to do something different this time around.

Have you ever given gift baskets a thought? Gift baskets come in many different shapes and forms, from standard fruit baskets to self-care baskets and many more in between. Themed gift baskets are also a great idea for a present.

Here are the 7 best holiday gift basket ideas that could work perfectly for this holiday season.

1.     Classic gift basket

Let’s start with a nice classic/traditional gift basket that contains varieties of gourmet food. You can never go wrong with this type of gift basket because everyone loves trying out new delicious foods and drinks.

These types of classic gift baskets are brimming with the finest foods such as fresh fruit, the best cheeses, truffle chocolates, finest wines or champagnes, and other delicious foods and drinks from all around the world.

You can choose a basket that is strictly a fruit basket or chocolate basket, or you can get a basket with a mix of everything – that part is entirely up to you. However, you can rest assured that this type of basket will be a huge hit this holiday season.

2.     Self-care gift basket

Everyone should make time for pampering every now and then. And the best way to encourage your loved ones to do so is by giving them a self-care gift basket. The best thing about this basket is that you can make it on your own.

Visit a nearby drugstore and look for different self-care products such as face masks, soaps, sponges, bath bombs, lotions, and shower gels, and other similar products. Then find a nice basket and arrange all the things you found in a drugstore, and voila – a wonderful self-care basket for your loved ones.

If you find that too complicated or maybe you lack the time to do the shopping yourself, you can always order self-care gift baskets from specialized gift basket sites.

3.     Movie night basket

Movie night basket is ideal for every film buff out there. And let’s face it, Christmas time is ideal for movie watching. That’s why this holiday season, the perfect gift can be a movie night basket.

This basket should be filled with items such as popcorn, soda, different kinds of candy, a blanket or two, and maybe even a Netflix subscription, or any other movie gift card.

If you want you can even buy a set of cinema tickets for the upcoming movie premiere that your loved one is looking forward to watching. Once you’ve gathered all the items, you can place them in a box or basket – it’s up to you.

4.     Family night game basket

For those families that enjoy their time together playing different kinds of board games, a family night game basket is perfect.

This basket should contain different types of board games such as Jumbo, Uno, domino, Yahtzee, chess, scrabble, and other similar games. In case you’re one of those families that prefer playing video games together, then switch the board games with video ones.

In addition to games, don’t forget to add sodas, chips, candy, and other similar munchies.

5.     BBQ basket

Who loves to BBQ in your family? Dad, doesn’t he? Well, this holiday season, make him a nice BBQ basket. Get a nice big basket and fill it with different kinds of yummy sauces and seasonings, oven mitts, a range of BBQ tools or utensils, and don’t forget to add a pack of beer for the master chef, too!

If you don’t use this idea for the holidays, you can always use it for Father’s day!

6.     Basket for coffee or tea lovers

For all the caffeine-driven people out there, a coffee lover’s gift basket will be heaven-sent. There are tons of different kinds of coffee pods and brews/beans that are waiting to be tasted. You can incorporate them into your coffee lover’s basket and you can even add various coffee toppings, too.

To make the basket even more interesting, you can add an interesting cup with an inspiring quote or something similar.

If, on the other hand, your loved one prefers tea, you can easily swap the coffee beans and pods with different types of teabags. To make the basket complete, you can add a small jar of honey paired with a wooden honey dipper. And to go a step further, instead of a mug you can add a cute teapot set!

7.     Gardening kit

And to your friend with a green thumb, you can gift a gardening kit basket. You can get a nice big pot or a gardening basket as the container where you’ll place all the other gardening items.

Gardeners need a nice pair of garden gloves, and of course, a garden toolset that includes a small rake, spade, trowel, sheers, watering can, and whatever else comes to your mind.

To make the basket/pot complete add different bags of seeds such as herbs, or flowers, or a mix of both. Of course, don’t forget to add some soil as well!


Gift baskets are perfect gifts that can be used for almost any occasion. They are full of surprises and very versatile and customizable. If this holiday season, you’re having trouble finding a perfect gift for your loved ones – those were the 7 best ideas.

The best thing about these gift baskets is that you can make them on your own and make them unique. They can be pretty affordable, too.

Of course, you can always choose to buy a pre-made gift basket – that’s an ideal solution for people who have little time but would also like to give something special to their loved ones.

We hope we managed to inspire you to create a perfect basket yourself or to check out sites that specialize in gift basket making!

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