7 Best Music Apps for Apple Watch

Music is always there for you. You get to listen to music according to your mood anywhere you go in any of your devices. If you love music and own an Apple Watch, it is destined to provide a great music listening experience. You don’t have to think about taking your smartphone everywhere to listen to music. Instead, your Apple Watch will fulfill the demand. There are plenty of great music apps that are compatible with Apple Watch and will conquer your heart. Stay hooked with music on the move or chill at your home by connecting the music.

Here are the best Apple Watch Music Apps in 2019:

1. Spotify

One of the most used music apps for Smartphone rules the Apple Watch as well. It consists of millions of exciting songs and allows you to listen to music as per your choice. Find any track by your favorite artist easily and make it your regular anthem by using the Spotify app in your Apple Watch. The easy to use interface, and outstanding song quality won’t disappoint you. You can perfectly control your music even while you are traveling with this music app. Get this app for free in your Apple Watch.

2. Shazam

Shazam is another free music app with a user-friendly interface. It allows you to get tracks from iTunes and even watch videos. Correctly play your favorite music on your Apple Watch and stay updated with the recent songs with the Shazam music app.

3. Pandora

Your preferred music is just a touch away with the Pandora app. The current version of this app in Apple Watch lets you see the name of the song as well as artist on the screen. Even you can change stations and customize stations to listen to relevant songs.

4. Deezer

If you don’t compromise with the audio quality of the song, the Deezer app is the perfect solution for you. It boasts an excellent collection of songs with high-quality. Also, your music choice is carefully monitored in this music app, and songs are suggested for listening as per your listening history.

5. Apple Music

With approximately 50 million tracks in its library, Apple Music is an ideal music streaming service for your Apple Watch. It easily integrates with the Apple Watch assures best in class music listening time. You can even control your songs through Siri and make the most out of your Apple Watch.

6. Musixmatch

The Musixmatch app is known for an extensive collection of lyrics of songs. With this app, you don’t only get the option to listen to songs but even read the song lyrics along. If you don’t remember any song that you want to hear, type words from any part of the song, and you will get the exact song for listening with this music app.

7. iHeartRadio

Discover what song is buzzing on the radio stations with the help of iHeartRadio app in your Apple Watch. You can listen to podcasts, radio, and your favorite music with this music app. Also, it allows you to stay updated with sports through radio stations such as Fox Sports and ESPN Radio.

All in all, these are the best music apps that you can use in your Apple Watch!

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