7 Best ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

More than 30% of the websites run on WordPress and more than 80% of the websites are not as fast as they can be.

Either they are poorly built and use poor code, plugins, unoptimized images or use a slow hosting provider.

But, thanks to technology, there are many ways to speed up your WordPress website.

A slow website can cause the dropping of the traffic, impact SEO, bad impression on users with a bad user experience.

Hiring the right people to build a WordPress website can help you with these problems by using the right theme, plugins, or building a custom theme that suits the specific requirements and functionalities and WordPress speed optimization.

Here are five ways you can improve your WordPress site speed:

  • Choose a Good Web Host
  • Update WordPress Core
  • Remove unused Plugins and Themes
  • Use a WordPress Cache Plugin
  • Use Optimized Images
  • Optimize Your Database
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)


An optimized website is as important as its design, users stay more on the website that loads fast even in slow internet speed.

Following things from the start and carefully can improve website speed drastically.

I hope this article can help website owners as well as developers to speed up their websites.

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