7 career opportunities post media course completion

A career in the media industry is an exciting opportunity. It always keeps you on your toes constantly. In the world of instant communication, the media plays a significant role. Print media has stood the test of time releasing various publications in the form of dailies, fortnightly, weeklies, monthly, giving all the necessary information and covering trending topics.

With the shift focusing on digitisation, everything is easily accessible. This has led to more job opportunities. After the completion of a media course from a school of communication, you have a plethora of options to choose from:

  • Video Editor: With several videos surfacing on mobile phones, there is a demand for video and film editors. They take the raw footage and transform them into a finished product. Media courses assist these aspirants by honing their editing skills using the latest software programs. Some even hold a specific degree related to broadcasting.
  • Writers: Although the role of editors is diminishing every passing day, writers are gaining prominence. If you know how to operate Google Analytics and have the know-how of SEO, you can see yourself heading to the editorial management roles in the coming years and earn a good living out of it. There is a writer for every genre today be it finance, lifestyle, food, tech, trending topics, etc.
  • Social media specialist: Considering the internet has taken over the conventional mediums of media; there is a need for social media specialist in every agency. These are people who know the marketing techniques of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Apart from a course in a media school, this role requires tact and discretion.
  • Art Director: These are ones who execute a product design or brand strategy. They are needed in every sphere be it print, digital, television, and other such media tools. Art Directors may have been graphic designers, photographers, or illustrators previously. For succeeding in this job, you must communicate well and manage a team of artists well.
  • Blogger: Many companies hire a blogger as part of their marketing strategy. The blog not just becomes the face of the company but also helps the company rank on Google and other search engines. For producing these results, writers have to create attention-grabbing copies as well as adhere to the organisation’s voice and style.
  • PR Specialist: If you have excellent communication skill and comfortable taking the merits of the brand or product, a career in PR is ideal. They act as the spokesperson for your brand. They work in advertising agencies or PR boutiques or corporate PR companies. They design strategies to keep the brands in the positive limelight always.
  • Video producer: Video editors form just a part of the bigger picture; it is the video producers who spend the most time online, create those eye-catching and meme-inspiring videos. Media courses have specialised programs for videographers.

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