7 Crucial Windows Apps for Students

If you are a student, you need several learning apps on your Windows-based computer to achieve your educational goals. In this guide, we are about to show you seven best Windows apps for students.

Nowadays, users rely on computer and smartphone applications to solve equations, find answers to their questions, and more. Whether you want to take notes while studying, save your important documents, create a schedule, or get study materials, these apps will fulfill your requirements.

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So, without wasting time, let’s get started.


According to several reports and data, taking notes of essential points can enhance your learning power up to 10 times. Hence you should practice notes while studying or learning, especially before your exam or test. This will help you to remember solutions, answers, or equations. Microsoft OneNote is undoubtedly the best application to take notes for windows users. While taking notes with this app, you can add videos, pictures, tables, and other things to make your notes even more useful.

Google Drive

Google Drive is not simple cloud storage but has several built-in functions that can be useful while learning, such as Google Docsfile sharing, etc. With Google Docs, you will be able to add other students to your documents. This feature can allow you to effectively learn even while staying at home due to the lockdown.

You can use Google Sheets in Google Drive to manage spreadsheets, collect and analyze data, and perform mathematics equations. Google Slides is a perfect tool in Google Drive to create and edit presentations. So Google Drive is a one-stop cloud application that has all Office Suite applications. It is an ideal alternative to Microsoft Office, and it is even more effective when it comes to collaborating with others.

My Homework

It is a study scheduling app for Windows computers to help students manage their homework and schedule their educational activities. With this app, you can create a timetable for your online classes, personal studies, and homework. Whenever you open the app, you will see the dashboard showing you the entire summary of your schedule, including your classes, homework, and personal study hours.


It’s an artificially intelligent text narrator and document organizer, which allows you to organize your study materials. This application has tags and folders, the capability to track your studying progress, and annotation features to make your learning even more comfortable.

With Polar, you can take notes, highlight text, and organize them via the annotation features.

Anki Flashcards

It is an educational application that allows you to take notes on flashcards. It makes you learn facts, key points, and essential teachings from an article or large content. With this app, you will be able to filter out the most important points from the information. You can create Note cards to learn some formulas, equations, and solutions. There is no doubt that it is one of the best applications for students to download on Windows.

Wolfram Alpha

It is an artificially intelligent and built-in knowledge-based learning tool for students. This application has a computational search engine that is capable of replying to your mathematical questions.

If you want to know specific details about formulas, units, analysis, statics, equations, or scientific facts, you can use Wolfram Alpha.


When you write an article or create a first draft of your school projects, it’s common to make multiple grammar or spelling mistakes. To improve your writing, Grammarly helps you correct spelling errors, grammar mistakes, incorrect sentence formation, etc. It enables you to learn new words, sentence structures, and other writing professional skills. There is no doubt that Grammarly is one of the best applications for students to use on Windows based PC.

These were the seven applications that students can use to enhance their productivity and creativity. We hope that the information was helpful and effective.

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