7 historical forts in Rajasthan for a walk through time


Rajasthan, the territory of forts is the perfect epitome of great history and eye soothing engineering. The beauty of Rajasthan is contrary other states because of deficiency of forests and water, yet its charm continues luring tourists.

The land comprises mostly of endless deserts and limited plants. . Rajasthan is unlike other touring sites because of its intolerable heat, yet it’s made it to checklist of every tourist throughout the world. . The popularity of Rajasthan is huge and the factor to it is its architecture.

Here is a list of 7 Forts that will surely leave you in awe of it:

Amer fort-Jaipur

Amer fortnew

Given its name after the city Amer, the fort is located 11 kms outside of the Jaipur. engineered on the hills of Cheel ka teela, is adjacent to maoti lake. Their lies the choice of walking or taking a commute to get to the gates of fort. The fort is a unceasing gift to India made by one of the navratnas of Emperor Akbar, Rajaman Singh.

Jaigarh fort-jaipur-

Jaigarh fort-jaipur

The fort was built by Maharaja Jai singh to safeguard the cities Amber and Jaipur, yet it is impeccable in terms of beauty. Besides Museums, worship place, greens, the world’s most significant cannon belongs to the management of Jaigarh fort. The fort was built in 18th century, even though its breathtaking view is same.

Nahargarh Fort- Jaipur-


The fort is located at the length of 6kms coming from the Jaipur city, at the edge of Aravalli hills. . The appeal of Pink city enhances when viewed through the top of Nahargarh fort. The fort includes sundown view cafes with seating’s and food availability.

Their revolves a history of the Energy of Rathore Nahar Singh and then the unconventional happenings that cause the naming of fort after the same. There is a connected way to Jaigarh fort from the Nahargarh fort by the expansion of fort walls. The breathtaking sunset experienced here is the compensation for all the hassles and hiking one may do to get to the fort.

Kumbhalgarh fort- Udaipur

Kumbhalgarh fort- Udaipur1

Indian intellects have created stunning architectures of those kumbhalgarh fort continues to be serving to the travelers. Standing at subsequent position following the Great Wall of china, the fortifications is 36 kms long. Offering inspiration to designers today the fort is imbibed with shrines, temples, greens and a lot more. This legacy has experienced wars since its built in 15th century by Rana Kumbha. You may also like to check places to visit in Udaipur here.

Junagarh fort- Bikaner-


Apart from the droolworthy tastes, Bikaner is the holder of this grace. The engineering of fort is the combined intellects of Mughal and Rajput architects. Birth of this beauty lays back to 1571 A.D. The eye treats here’s the Karan Mahal, the Phool Mahal, the Chandra Mahal, and to not leave the never witnessed humongous gates.

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Jaislamer fort-jaislamer-

Jaislamer fort-jaislamer1

Apart from being the second largest fort of Rajasthan, it also has this specific name of Sonar Quila. The construction of the fort lies back to 1156 by Rawal Jaisal. Eye-catching resemblance of gold color in its architectural mastery due to use of yellow sandstones has given it the naming of Golden city of India.

It also sports ths privileged of world heritage site by UNESCO.

Mehrangarh Fort-Jodhpur-


The fort lies in the heart and soul of city and is constructed in the area of 5kms.. The beauty was opened up in 1438 by Rao Jodha. The brilliance of this fort has made it to the screens of Hollywood, The Dark Knight Rises has a significant shot completed here. The fort management feed eagles everyday here between 3:30-4 p.m.

The impact of Desert and sun is one of many problems all travelers try to counteract. Wear comfortable shoes and a hat. The alluring sights are located in the hilly ranges and can be enjoyed only after facing all the travel troubles.

There is wide range of Rajasthan Tour Packages constructed exclusively to satisfy wants of all sort of vacationers, from the family trips to Honeymooning couple to the first-time visitors.

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