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Jenkins is 31 years old, there are still many energy on the data. He copied 4 times this season, flattened his career, the number of broken passes has also exceeded 10 times, and completed 54 times. Occupational Rugby Focus Website Hands 50th at least 300 defensive corners of the 50th, row in Denzel Ward, Galomon, Gareon Conley, Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson ), Malcolm Butler et al..

The bad news is that Cooper still cannot returns to the training. After helloked the wild horse safety, Darian Stewart, he was absent from the training and competition. Stuart Because of this violation of the impact, the alliance is fined $ 24,308,

The “Bombing Legion” must be defensive, it is Texas people’s attack “Trident” & mdash; & mdash; de Andre-Hopkins, Ville, Dchaen Watson. At present, Texas people’s offensive scores are the third of the league, and the averaging score is 29.5 points, and the number of 21 times a quadrant is also ranked second. The four-dimensional Weatson has passed the 15 remedy, 6 of which pass to Hopkins, 5 passing to Flor. Fowler has a speed advantage, and every game has a score after the return return, and the problem of his “butter hand” in the last season is not small in this season. For the upcoming game, F Weller said: “I will try to make yourself more confident in my current performance, I am moving towards the direction of excellent journey.” When the Eagle’s defensive second-line is a nickname of the “Bombing Army” in 2012, Wah is still a young. “I look at them in high school,” Foule said, “Looking at Shelman, Thomas, Qifusler playing. For me, I can confront them now, this is really interesting.” Texas The rookie quarter Swan Swauterson also said: “This will be a very interesting challenge. I am observing and studying their defense during the university, and now I have finally have a chance to be able to cross them.”

Mike Zimmer said: “Kevin is a smart and excellent young coach. It is very bright in the future. He can continue to serve as an offensive coordinator, his work concept and coaching level is very outstanding. Because I Looking at him for five years. He is widely respected in the coach and players, I know that he can complete the task well. “

The front jet is in contact with Robert Griffin III, although there is currently no combination of contracts, they also contact San Francisco 49 COLIN KAEPERNICK, wiki.smpyppksantodonboscofakfak.Sch.id but currently It is also difficult to succeed. However, the jet does not want the new season’s quarter-saving position to Bryce Petty or Kino-Smith (Geno Smith). Recently, ESPN reporters broke the news, and the jet hopes to sign the quartz of Cliftland Brown, Josh McCown.

It is reported that the jet has been in contact with McCane in February this year. They are waiting for McCon to be treatable. It seems that Brown will do this, but the jet also needs to wait a few weeks.

Bryant will be 44 years old in May this year. Last year, he tried to be 20 times in his life, the longest shoot 57 yard, 35 additional points attempted 33 times. His ability is unquestionable, the only thing I need to worry is health.

[Texas News Express] Team Offensive Group will challenge the bombing army

Today, Houston Spaceman in the second game of the World Contest, the passenger is 7: 6 difficult to win the game; this weekend, Houston Texas will also fight in the farm, in order to compete for the United States and south partitions.

In the face of the defense of the “Bombing Legion”, Texas People’s head coach O’Brien said: “Their defensive second line is very powerful, with quite high defensive tacit understanding.” For the four professional bowls, the career has completed 30 tee Shelman, O’Brien Assess: “He (Shelman) is a very difficult guard player, he is very smart, know how the extraction of each of his defensive, know how to have targeted Defense. We have to use some special offensive routines to confuse him. Otherwise, we will be difficult to achieve. “In addition, O’Brien retired NFL legendary security ED-Reed and Troy-Polamaru Earr-Thomas: “In my opinion, Thomas is the most powerful security, there is a considerable defensive coverage area, with excellent hug, honored to arrange offensive tactics against his defensive.” For the giant people General Qusler, O’Brien said: “He (Qifusler) has excellent exercise ability, physical fit, is also an excellent hug. When he is guarded back, you can’t help but want to escape He runs out, but Shelman is waiting for you outside. “

The primary task of Stefaski is to release the Jijin’s offensive potential. Viking is not lacking star: Star runs Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen and Stefon Digs, two thousand cases, plus 8400 The quarter-free Kirk Cousins ​​of the Wan Dollar full protection contract. They lack of stable lasting offensive performance.

Compared to the “sharp” offense of Texas “sharp”, the defensive strength of the Hawk does not be underestimated. The Hawie’s six games only released five pass to reach the league, and the number of leagues in the average number of passes, the average number of passes in each game is 199 yards in the league. Eight less. In addition, the Haiye is 15.7 points, the minimum of the United States Tiger, and the defensive ability of their red area is also the first place. This will be a contest for the “spear” “spear” and the Haiye, which brings very big challenges to Texas’s offensive. The last conventional Tempere person took the brown, the outside world has doubts about the true attack and defensive strength of Texas. This game will further verify that the Dezhou people really have the strength of the partition name.

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