7 Professional Aerial Video Production Tips

You can create a more breath-taking video presentation by adding aerial shots that can provide a different perspective to what you want to show. Aerial video production suits a wide array of needs, including promoting a commercial property, a group, or an event. It’s practical for showing maintenance work and new construction, too.


However, it takes more than simply having a drone to get it done right. Here are some tips to help you do it correctly and efficiently.


  1. Know what you can do with professional aerial videos


Drone video production in Auckland is not limited to storytelling. It’s useful for mapping and modelling, too. Use orthomosaic images or 3D models shot from the air to easily and quickly obtain up-to-date data on properties being constructed, including plant health mapping and terrain elevation. Combining video, 3D models, and photos makes it possible to analyse properties from the air, too.


  1. Shoot using manual settings


You’ll get more professional results by shooting in manual instead of auto. Auto exposure drastically changes the lighting and white balance as you pan from a dark to a brighter area. Manual settings will help create a more cinematic experience.


  1. Apply ND filters


Use the rule of ‘two times your frame rate should be your shutter speed.’ Using a 1/120th frame rate for a 60fps video on a sunny day introduces more light to the sensor, resulting in higher shutter speeds that can result in jittery footage. Consider adding polarizer or ND filters.


  1. Know where to fly


Check for No-Fly zones, such as airports, schools, prisons, and other places. Aerial video production should take place only in areas without flight restrictions.


  1. Use grid lines


Grid lines can help improve your video production in Auckland and familiarise you with the rule of thirds.


  1. Shoot in cinematic mode


You’ll get smoother videos in cinematic mode as it reduces the yaw speed while lengthening the braking distance.


  1. Outsource the job


Avoid the guesswork by leaving aerial video production to professionals. Find a reputable commercial video production company in Auckland and make sure it specialises in aerial video. Look for a service provider that operates under a CAA Part 102 license to ensure their credibility and effectiveness in creating videos, orthomosaic images, photos, building inspections, and 3D mapping services.


About The Author:

Virtually Famous is a New Zealand based company established in 2002. They offer commercial photography and videography services. They are adept in offering sports photography, corporate headshots, and similar services. They have also added 360° Virtual Tours to their list of services. Browse their website for more details!

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