7 Reasons Buying a Small Home is a Better Option

Several factors make the Irvine housing one of the most attractive markets in the country and the diversity of awaiting real estate buyers is one of them. Although Irvine has the fame as it is a carefully planned city and can barely be known as a collection of trouble neighborhoods. Homes for sale in Irvine are both large and small spaces and some most attractive ones happen to be on the cozy side.

Small Home is a Better Option

If you feel that your current home is too big for your choice of lifestyle, you may consider moving to a smaller home. If you are confused about the situation, here are several reasons to help you understand why buying a smaller home in Irvine is a better option.

  1. Purchase Price

Inventories in 2017 are getting tighter and buyers are more interested in new construction opportunities. At pricing new properties, home builders normally follow the rule of charging more for great square footage. If you are on a budget and want to pay less for newly constructed homes, consider a small floor plan.

  1. Living Expenditures

The most significant reason, the smaller the house, the more lifestyle affordability it offers in terms of maintenance, utilities, cleaning, and landscaping. You may also not have to spend too much on decoration.

  1. Resell Factor

Smaller homes are known to sell out very fast nowadays. One reason can be explained as the members of millennial generation are now thinking to start families and often consider smaller spaces. Similarly, single professionals in the city are more likely to get attracted toward small houses due to lower maintenance level.

  1. Carbon Footprint

If environmental conservation is your concern in 21st century, you may be aware of the fact that bigger homes tend to have greater carbon footprint by means of construction, furnishings, and energy consumption, regardless of the number of people living in them.

  1. Minimalism

The teachings of Zen Buddhism lifestyle in Japan with the design aesthetics of the late Steve Jobs teach us that minimalism is about living a happy life in a smaller dwelling and minimum amount of belongings. The minimalism consists of some challenges that come with transforming smaller homes into uplift and comfortable living spaces.

  1. Freedom

If your family normally benefits from spending more time exploring the community and neighborhood, small living space can be a better option for you. The Japanese minimalism trend also highlights being more active, visiting and getting to know neighbors and friends, and enjoying local attractions as companions.

  1. Convenient Home Improvement Projects

Interior decoration lovers will find the projects more convenient to carry out in small living spaces in terms of the amount of work and affordability. You can alter the look of your bedroom every couple of months without going broke. The same is implemented on paintings, hangings, and changing curtains.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to stay comfortable in your house with more square foot, you should look for small homes for sale, Irvine residents desire for affordability and comfort of life with professional real estate agents to avoid potential issues.

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