7 Reasons To Start Yoga

Enjoying The benefits of yoga can start in the comfort of your home. This article covers why you should start yoga stretches.

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Regarding fitness trends, the options are plenty, but not all of them work and not all are suited to every age category. The benefit of yoga is that you can do it at any age since different techniques are adapted to age groups.

Here Are Seven Reasons To Begin Yoga

1 – Yoga helps improve and promote circulation

The body not only has blood flowing and doing different functions, it is also made up of water and other essential fluids. Yoga can benefit you and improve your circulation.

2 – It’s good for your immune system

Since yoga is an exercise, it’s also known to boost your immune system. When we exercise, we boost our body’s healing abilities and it gets the heart rate going, keeping weight off and promoting better sleep. These are elements the body needs to stay healthy and strong against the flu and cold.

3 – Yoga is for everyone

Power yoga may not be your style, but there are benefits of yoga for women, men, seniors, kids and toddlers and it’s one of few exercise practices that works for the whole family.

4 – It’s a low impact workout

If you’re wondering about the benefits of yoga, you will be happy to know that it is a low impact workout that will leave you feeling energized and fresh without the aches of regular gym workouts.

5 – Yoga makes you flexible

Stretching is very critical to keep our joints flexible. Practicing yoga will help you increase your body’s flexibility.

6 – You could heal faster

When it comes to muscle injuries, some are debilitating. Still, practicing yoga can help speed up healing. This is also why stretches are incorporated in chiropractic and physiotherapy since it makes an injury heal fast.

7 – Supple muscles

Supple muscles are another example of flexibility. You don’t have to be bulky and a gym heavy weight pumping person to get supple muscles with yoga.

Possible disadvantages of Yoga

While we have pros, there are also some minor cons to yoga. Everything has advantages and disadvantages and the same goes for yoga.

Cons of yoga:

  • When you practice yoga, like other workouts, you will start feeling exhausted. Exhaustion can happen when there are many moves in the routine.
  • Possible boredom while you’re going through the stretching cycles. You could become distracted at times.
  • Yoga is hard to learn from scratch on your own. Many people prefer instructors to help with form and reduce the possibility of injury.
  • You could risk learning a technique incorrectly if the yoga instructor is inexperienced.
  • Dehydration as with any workout can make you hot and dehydrated since you’re sweating and your heart rate elevated. You can drink more water or take extra when headed to yoga class.

Have you done yoga before, and has it helped you with things like the benefits mentioned here?

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