7 Reasons to Visit the Holy City of Czestochowa, Poland

Poland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Planning a trip to the continent won’t be complete if you don’t head over this charming nation. Home to the greatest number of Roman Catholic citizens in Europe except for Malta, Poland is the only Catholic country in the Slavic world. If you’re wondering why you should pay a visit, here are seven good reasons why you should.

Black Madonna Painting

One of the best reasons why people head over to Poland is to admire the Black Madonna painting. The painting, also called Our Lady of Częstochowa, is said to have miraculous powers. It’s also one of the most well-known treasures inside the monastery of Jasna Góra.

Jasna Góra Monastery Pilgrimmage

The Monastery of Jasna Góra is a stunning piece of architecture. It’s one of the complexes in the country that hold tremendous history. As a shrine to the Virgin Mary, it houses Częstochowa’s Black Madonna. There’s also the Nobel Peace Prize medal award to Lech Wałęsa. For devout Catholics, a pilgrimage to Poland is a must, especially to this monastery.

Holy Virgin Mary Avenue Stroll

Another reason to see the local sights in Poland is to walk along the avenue of the Holy Virgin Mary. It’s a gorgeous avenue and one that rivals even the longest shopping street in Europe. From bars and cafes to restaurants and shops, there are plenty of wonderful sights. If you go during the winter, you can expect the trees lining the boulevard full of snow. It’s a stunning sight. You’ll also find the city’s main museum here.

Out of Krakow Daytrips

You don’t even have to spend all your time in Krakow. Most tourists pick this city because there are several places to visit and it’s an excellent jumping point to a lot of destinations. Even if you stay in Krakow, though, you can set aside a few days for day trips outside the city. That way, you’ll get to see more.

Cool Bars

You’ll have plenty of bars to choose from when you visit Poland. Whether it’s beer on tap or you want good vodka, you’ll find a lot of bars that line up streets and alleys. From quirky to trendy places, have fun exploring and trying as many of them as you can fit into your schedule. Just remember, though, that the church is the most popular feature of the city. Keep the noise level low and don’t drink on the streets if you don’t want to get in trouble.

Cheaper Options

Budget is another good reason why you’ll want to add Poland to the list of your European destinations. Prices are cheaper in Polish cities like Krakow, Warsaw, and Poznan when you compare the cost of the food, accommodations, and transportation to other cities in Europe. It’s much more affordable than Rome, Paris,  Munich, or Stockholm. If you want to stretch your budget as much as possible, while seeing as many places as you can, then you’ll want to visit Poland.

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