7 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Email for Small Business

Having an email with the name of our domain provides a more professional image of the company or project, and Gmail, Google’s mail service, makes it very easy for you.

The figures speak for themselves: More than 900 million people have a registered Google Email for Small Business, and 5 million companies have already decided to use Google’s mail service as company mail. They tell you some of the main advantages that you will have if you choose to configure your company email with Gmail:

•    Easy to use and accessible: Before using Gmail for professional use, you will have already personally used Google’s mail service. Your team knows the tool to use in advance facilitates its management. You will be able to connect and check your company email from any device connected to the Internet. You don’t need to install or configure anything before you use Gmail Professional, which makes it easy to keep track of your important emails from anywhere in the world.
•    Professional image: The professional version of Google Email for Small Business offers you the possibility of generating an email with the domain of your website that your email will provide a professional image.
•    Fully customizable: In addition to creating signatures for your company emails with your corporate image, the payment tool allows you to have a personalized interface. Creativity is your forte so you can give your company’s email tool personality.
•    You can sleep peacefully: Gmail saves automatic backup copies of your emails without you having to do anything! You will find all your unfinished emails in the drafts folder.
•    Perfect for sending large files or images: You can send large attachments, thanks to Google Drive. The cloud storage tool gives you 15GB of free storage to get you started. Share files and images from anywhere in the world. Create a collaborative system for your work team. Google Drive allows other users to work on your files and access your files from any device.
•    Large storage capacity: Google Reseller In Delhi Ncr gives you 30GB of storage space in your inbox. More than enough storage to save important emails without having to delete emails constantly.
•    Automatic responses: Google gives you the ability to set up an autoresponder.

Recently Google Reseller in Delhi NCR has included the delivery schedule: Gmail has incorporated a very useful new functionality. Now it is possible to schedule delivery of your emails. Manage tasks in advance and send them to the client/colleague or supplier at the right time. To do this, you must click on the arrow next to the “send” button and select “schedule delivery”. A pop-up image will open with the programming options. You can schedule on any date and time. In addition, the system suggests predetermined practical dates.

Setting up your professional Gmail will only take 10 minutes. Complement it with the best apps (Google drive, Google calendar) to get the most out of your company email. Each user account allows the creation of different email accounts associated with the same user.

Article Source: https://medium.com/@manasvionlinesolutions39/7-reasons-why-you-should-use-google-email-for-small-business-12d21dd006a1

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