7 Things to Know Before You Begin to Watch Netflix’s Dark

The third season of Dark released on Netflix on the 27th of June this year and created a wave of excitement amongst fans all over the world. It also managed to attract a huge number of new viewers who were amazed by the sheer complexity of ideas, characters, plotlines, and timeline. For someone who is fascinated by the concepts of time travel and suspense, this show is an absolute delight. The show makes you go back, again and again, to grasp at minute details that you failed to notice the first time. For all the people who may be planning to watch the show for the first time or tenth, here are some spoiler-free details of the show you were not aware of.

First German-language Show on Netflix

Dark is the first show on Netflix originally made and streamed in the German language. It is one of the most-streamed shows that are not in the English language. People have shown a strong bias towards this genre since shows like The OA and Stranger Things have had great numbers of streaming too.

Intro Holds Clues

While other shows make intros that have no relationship to the show and just present the main characters together, Dark does not follow suit. The show’s episodes open with German band Apparat’s “Goodbye” and a short video. For first time viewers, the intro video may make no sense, but once you progress in the show, you will begin to realize that the short video has ample clues related to the direction of the show. Dark is not one of those shows you can watch while multitasking because every second of the show has some important information, including its intro.

Characters Have Unique Stories

Unlike a lot of other shows, Dark deals with several characters who are equally important instead of focussing their entire time on one character. It begins with Jonas and Martha’s life but slowly stems into the lives of other characters who are introduced as the series progresses. The show strongly propagates the idea that “everything is connected” hence the audience has to assume that all the characters are equally relevant.

Effects of Past

Dark presents the consequences of one’s past actions in their present situation. Every important character on the show is linked to one another by way of trickery and dishonesty. Every character has been deceived and frauded by the other character at one point in the entire story. So naturally, the show is highly focussed on previous actions’ repercussions irrespective of the timeline.

Confusing Time Travel

Time travel is a concept explored in many other series and movies from different viewpoints. But this show takes the concept to a whole another level. The series shows time travel in such an insightfully twisted and intertwined way that the audience is perplexed and engaged at the same time.

Re-watch Some Episodes

The show has such deep concepts and twisted portrayal of the story that you can certainly expect to miss some aspects when you watch an episode. Be prepared to watch some of them multiple times to get a good understanding of what is going on. Otherwise, you might find yourself lost in the next episodes.

There Exists an End

Dark feels like the show will just keep going on like a vicious circle, and there may not be an end at all, but that is certainly not the case. The third season does not leave any questions unanswered and ties all the loose, confusing ends pretty perfectly.

The German show released on Netflix on the 1st of December, 2017 but has recently gained huge popularity. Meme references on social media like Instagram and Twitter helped amplify the reach and buzz of the show. Netflix’s Dark directed by Baran bo Odar stars Louis Hofmann, Maja Schone, Lisa Vicari, Jordis Triebel, Oliver Masucci, and Karoline Eichhorn.

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