7 Tips and Tricks for High Scores on Flappy Fighter

Mobile-based fighting games often get mixed reviews, and it is mostly because it is hard to transform the game experience with touch controls. Creating a powerful fighting game for smartphones is not a cakewalk, but Flappy Fighter is an incredibly amazing game. This game is a comic mish-mash of the popular Street Fighter II and Flappy Bird games.

In this game, you get to control a Flappy Fighter and have to fight against another one. You need to empty their life bar in order to win. The controls are exceptionally smooth, and the game is very entertaining. If you are new to the game and are looking for tips and tricks, then read on.

Best Tips and Tricks to Win Flappy Fighter Matches

  1. Know the moves

In the game, players can use four moves against their opponents. Similar to Ryu and Ken in the Street Fighter game, players can make moves such as Hadouken, uppercut punch, jump kick, etc.

  • Start slow

In the beginning, the players are on easy mode. But as they progress, they will be able to unlock greater level obstacles and difficulties. While the easy mode is relatively simple, players will have to be quick in the medium and hard mode.

  • Know when to block

If you are playing the medium or hard difficulty level, then you need to learn how to block. You can block your opponent by long pressing one of the two buttons given towards the left-hand side.

  • Dash away

In some instances, blocking the opponent will not be sufficient. In these cases, you need to tap quickly to run away. In case you are getting beaten up, then rather than blocking, just go for the dash option.

  • Special bar

Blocks play a huge role when you put into consideration that they assist in filling the special bar. When your special bar is full, then just touch your name, and it will result in unleashing a potent attack. Use the special bar, especially when you are competing against strong opponents.

  • Experiment

While Flappy Fighter game looks simplistic, it is quite difficult to play. Do not get fooled by the dearth of modes in the game. Players can make an array of combo moves. To find the combos, just play in the Training mode. To block, you need to long press on left or right. For dashing, you need to tap on left or right. For flap-around-kick combo, you need to hit !. For jump kicks, you need to hit 2, etc.

  • Complete menu

In case you cannot remember the buttons for different moves, then just pause the ongoing game and tap on the command list. Now, this will open the list of all the major movesets. In case you want to declutter your screen, then you can disable the virtual buttons. Apply these tips and tricks and achieve high scores on Flappy Fighter.

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