7 Tips to Help You Create and Remember Your Passwords

We all depend upon our passwords for the safety of our bank account, social media account, email account, etc. Therefore, we must remember these passwords and ensure that these passwords are not weak or easy to guess if we don’t want our accounts to get compromised because of a data breach or any hacking attempt. So, to make sure that your account never gets compromised, we are sharing with you seven tips to help you create and remember your passwords.

Use a Password Manager to Create and Remember Your Passwords

A password manager is a software that stores your login credentials (Username and Password) in its database in an encrypted format. Using a password manager, you can quickly log in to your account without manually entering your password. Additionally, you can also use your password manager for creating a hard to crack password for your accounts. For example, you can use the LastPass password manager to create a strong password for your Netflix account.

Write Down Your Login Credentials Down

Yes, it looks like obvious advice, but it can be very helpful if you don’t like to use password manager software for your passwords. But don’t use a Word file or Excel sheet for storing your password. Why? Because if someone else also uses your computer or gets access to your online account, then they can easily access all your stored passwords. So, make sure you use a real piece of paper for writing down all your passwords and store it in a safe place.

Use Mozilla Firefox Monitor and Google Password Checkup to Ensure That Your Account Has Not Been Compromised

It isn’t easy to keep our passwords safe, especially in this digital world in which we all live. But by using Mozilla Firefox Monitor and Google Password Checkup, you can easily know whether your password has been leaked because of a data breach or by an attack of a hacker so that you can quickly take action to protect your account and ensure it is not misused by someone else. So do use these two tools if you want to ensure the safety of your login credentials.

Don’t Use Easy to Guess Words or Character Combinations

We all have done this in the past. We use our name, date of birth, or even the name of our dog in our passwords to memorize it easily. But that’s not a good thing to do if we want to ensure our account’s safety. Why? Because anyone who knows you for some time will know these things about you, and they might use this information for their benefit and try to hack your account. So, make sure you don’t use easy to guess words or character combinations while creating your password.

Create Long Passwords

Another thing that you can do to ensure the safety of your account is to make long passwords (Minimum 8 characters). Long passwords are very difficult to hack, especially when combined with special characters and symbols. But these passwords can be very difficult to memorize, especially if you don’t have a good memory. However, you can use a password manager or write down your password on a piece of paper and store it at a safe place to solve this problem.

Don’t Reuse Your Old Passwords

If you are someone who likes to use their old passwords for all accounts, then you might get yourself in trouble. Why? Because anyone who might learn about your old password accidentally will have the power to access every other account on which that password is being used. It is a small tip, but it is very powerful.

Set up two-factor authentication

By setting up two-factor authentication, you can protect your account even if your password has been stolen by a hacker or leaked because of a data breach. Two-factor authentication requires you to enter a unique code or OTP to access your account, which ensures that no one else can access your account. Additionally, you can also use an authentication app like Google Authenticator for generating and reading your OTP or verification code. So do use two-factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorized access.


Passwords are very important because we are dependent on them for the safety of our accounts, and by following these tips, we can make sure that our account is never compromised because of a data breach or a hacking attempt. So do use these tips to keep all your accounts safe.

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