7 Travel Essentials for Elderly

Many ‘seniors’ took their retirement from a long, busy, successful career and now have the time, energy, and the resources to take vacations – on their own, with a partner or, with a family. And, many seniors are in excellent physical condition to take on whatever adventure may come their way throughout their travels!
As they age, their ‘must-haves’ while traveling change considerably as compared to when they were much younger. Gone are the days when they could ‘sleep anywhere no matter the conditions or noise.’ And gone are the days when they had mobility or body issues.
So, while they still may be in great physical shape, now there are things they need to be concerned about. Like a travel guide that becomes necessary to ensure their vacation is as comfortable, stress-free, and fun as it can be!
For promoting easy-breezy travel for your loved-one seniors, consider the following tips as useful travel gear options:
1. Rolling Luggage Bag
You should invest in lightweight luggage that is on rollers for more accessible transport. Because carrying large and heavy pieces of luggage at every place they go would be more than difficult for them. They also need to learn to pack light and smart. This will save them from handling and carrying many bags while traveling.
2. Small Travel Bag
Make a check-list of all their medication with dosage details. Once done, pack all their necessary medications in a tiny travel kit. Make sure you opt for a small handbag to keep all their medications. This way it would be easy to have the medicines on time without any hustle. Also, pack enough medications to last the entire trip and a little extra in case the trip may get delayed by a day or two.
3. Compression Socks
Proper fitting compression socks will help their body to keep the circulation flowing properly through legs and feet. Because thrombosis can be dangerous on different levels in the elderly.
4. Neck Travel Pillow
You don’t want your loved ones to wake up with a stiff and sore neck after a sleep in the flight while travelling, right? Well, a neck travel pillow makes it far more easy and comfortable to get some rest and even sleep while they are flying. They can rest their heads on the neck pillow. This pillow supports their neck to stay relaxed without making it stiff and sore.
5. ‘Essentials’
Items like personal toiletries, medications, glasses, etc., need to be kept without fail. These items vary from person to person. Pack their medications in their original prescription bottles or in a weekly pill organizer. Remember to pack their glasses and contact lens with its solution.
6. Luggage Locks
We all know that pickpockets are deft and quick. They can steal their passport and money before they know what happened. Thus, to save your elderly from this, buy luggage locks and save their daypack and purse. They just have to lock their luggage by forming a code on this lock. So that only they can open the luggage by decoding it.
7. Voltage Converter and Plug Adapters
In case the elderly are traveling overseas and using electronic equipment or plug-in appliances, they will surely need plug adapters. Some hair dryers, laptops, travel irons, and cell phones are dual voltage, but others may need a voltage converter.
Thus, always guide them to check the label on each item they plan to bring. If the device’s label says “Input 100V-240V 50 / 60 Hz,” then the item is dual voltage and needs only a plug adapter. If they don’t see this information on an electronic device or appliance, then they should never plug it directly into any foreign wall outlet. Instead, they should use a voltage converter to “step down” the 220-volt current. Because without the voltage converter, the chances are that it will damage the device.
Packing It Up
I hope this was helpful to assist your elderly with traveling aids. Also, make sure that their stay has every facility they need. Like elderly bath with ramps and non-slippery floor, over bed table, lamplight, 24 hours’ assistance, etc. Items like an over bed table can easily be available in stay locations. But ensure to check the availability once. Here are just some last but crucial items not to forget:
– Carry identity credentials and health insurance cards
– Make copies of important documents and notes, including your medication list, doctor’s name and number, allergy list, identification, photo id, and passport
– Extra pair of glasses
– Umbrella and rain jacket
– Elderly pads (if required)
– Sweater or light jacket
– Additional hearing aid batteries
– Mobile phone
– Hat and sunscreen
– Mini first aid kit
– Comfortable shoes
– Eye-mask
I hope they enjoy their trip comfortably and safely with these traveling aids.

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